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Menu 44 - Mobile Numbers; Menu 47 - Remote Access; Menu 48 - Level 3 Access - Honeywell GALAXY 16103 User Manual

Programmable alarm control panel
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7 = Duress
The duress function, when enabled, forces a panic signal to be sent to the monitoring station
each time the user PIN, fob or tag is used. Duress codes should only be used in emergency
situations when there is a threat to life.

Menu 44 - Mobile Numbers

This option allows the SMS text messaging feature to be altered. The system can send event
messages to up to 3 mobile phones by text messaging. The type of events that are sent can be
individually selected for each of the three mobile phone numbers. In this menu option, there are
3 sub-menus, one for each of the mobile phones. On selecting a particular mobile (1 to 3) and
pressing ent, there are a further two sub-options as follows:
1 = Mobile numbers
This allows the actual mobile number to be entered. The number is entered directly by typing
the number in directly at the keypad. A number can be deleted or corrected by repeatedly
pressing the B< key. The number is saved by pressing ent.
2 = Message type
This allows the kind of events that are sent to this mobile number. There are 4 options:
1 = Alarm events
Just sends alarm activations.
2 = Alarm & set events
Sends alarms and all set & unset events.
3 = Alarm & fault
Sends all alarm events and fault conditions but not set & unset events.
4 = All events
Sends all of the above events as and when they occur.

Menu 47 - Remote Access

This menu option allows the user to initiate a remote service call when required by the installa-
tion company. The remote servicing function allows the Galaxy alarm system to be remotely
monitored and reprogrammed over the phone line, by way of a modem connection or GSM to a
computer at the alarm installer's premises at a predetermined phone number. This option should
only be used when required by your installation company.

Menu 48 - Level 3 Access

This option is used to authorise access by an installation or service engineer. An engineer has
a special access code that is only enabled when an appropriate user accesses this menu option
and enables level 3 (installer) access by pressing the 1 key followed by ent. The engineer then
has 5 minutes to enter his own code.


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