Lsr28P 2-Way Bi-Amplified Monitor; Audio Connections; Ac Power Connections - JBL LSR Owner's Manual

Linear spatial reference studio monitor system
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4.0 Introduction:
The LSR28P Bi-amplified reference monitor sets a new standard for exceptional performance in a near field
design. Using a combination of advanced transducer engineering and powerful drive electronics, the LSR28P will stand
up to the most demanding sessions.
The 8" woofer is based on JBL's patented Differential Drive
compression is kept to a minimum to reduce spectral shift as power levels increase. An added third coil between the
drive coils acts as a dynamic brake to limit excess excursion and reduces audible distortion at maximum levels. The
cone is made of a carbon fiber composite forming a rigid piston and is supported by a soft butyl rubber surround.
The high frequency device is a 1" composite diaphragm integrated with an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal
(EOS) Waveguide with 100 x 60 degree dispersion which is critical to the smooth spatial response required in today's
working environments.

4.1 Audio Connections:

The LSR28P comes with a Neutrik "Combi" connector that accommodates either an XLR or 1/4" connector,
in balanced or unbalanced configurations. The XLR input is nominal +4 dBu and the 1/4" is setup as standard for
-10 dBv. Positive voltage to Pin 2 of the XLR and the tip of the 1/4" jack will produce a forward motion in the low fre-
quency cone.

4.2 AC Power Connections:

The LSR28P has a multi-tap power transformer which allows it to be used around the world. Before connect-
ing the unit to AC power, confirm that the switch setting on the rear of the unit is set to the proper position and the
fuse is the correct rating as listed on the rear of the system. The LSR28P will accept voltages from 100-120 or 200-240
Volts, 50-60 Hz when the voltage settings are set correctly.
technology. With dual 1.5" drive coils, power

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Table of Contents

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