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Linear spatial reference studio monitor system
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The Left, Center and Right channels are routed to the respective LSR12P inputs and on to the front channels.
The .1 feed is sent directly to the discrete input of the LSR12P. When not in bypass, the system operates as the Stereo
and Prologic setups previously described. All subwoofer information is derived from the front channels and the discrete
.1 input is ignored. When a contact closure occurs, the high pass filtering is bypassed to the satellites and the sub-
woofer feed is from the discrete .1 input. Additional information is contained in section 5.5.

5.2 AC Power Connections:

The LSR12P has a multi-tap transformer which allows it to be used around the world. Before connecting the
unit to AC power, confirm that the switch setting on the rear of the unit is set to the proper position and the fuse is the
correct rating as listed on the rear of the system. The LSR12P will accept voltages from 100-120 or 200-240 Volts, 50-60
Hz when the voltage settings are set correctly.
The ground terminal of the IEC plug is required by wiring codes and regulations. It must always be connect-
ed to the electrical installation safety ground. The LSR units have carefully designed internal grounding and balanced
inputs and outputs to reduce the event of ground loops (hum). If hum occurs, see Appendix A for suggested correct
audio signal wiring and system grounding.
5.3 Changing Audio Levels:
Switch 1 enables the input trim pot. With the switch in the down position, the trim pot is out of the circuit
and does not affect the input sensitivity. In the up position, the input trim is added to the circuit and will attenuate the
input level from 0-12 dB.
Switch 2 changes the nominal sensitivity of the LSR12P Left, Center and Right inputs to +4 dBu.
Switch 3 changes the nominal sensitivity of the LSR12P Left, Center and Right inputs to +8 dBu.

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