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Linear spatial reference studio monitor system
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The LSR32 is normally used in the horizontal position. This makes for the lowest elevation to maxi-
mize sight lines and reduce shadowing effects of soffit mount monitors. In applications where vertical orienta-
tion is desired, the entire mid and high assembly can be rotated 90˚ to a line array position.
LSR32L in
Vertical Position
The LSR12P can be placed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. More important than orien-
tation is the physical room placement. As with any low frequency system, subwoofer placement in smaller
spaces such as control rooms have a great deal of room interaction. See Section 5 for more information on
subwoofer placement and suggested ways to fine tune the monitoring system for optimum performance.
Angling towards the listening position: LSR monitors should be angled to directly face the listener.
The center of the high frequency transducer should be on-axis with the ear level of the listener.

2.3 Audio Connections:

LSR32 Audio Connections: The LSR32 is equipped with two pair of 5-way binding posts. The lower
pair feed the woofer and the top pair feed the mid and high frequency elements. The connectors are designed to
accept up to 10 AWG bare wire. Spacing of the two input terminal pairs allows use of standard Dual Banana
jacks. The two pairs are normally connected together with metal shorting bars. This allows either pair to be
used in normal operation. Alternative cabling possibilities include bi-wiring and passive bi-amping or using
both terminals to get more "copper" from the amp to the speaker. Positive voltage to the "Red" (+) terminal
will produce a forward motion in the low frequency cone.
LSR32L in
Horizontal Position

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