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Demo Mode - Sirius XM RAdio ONYX EZ User Manual

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Configuring Your Onyx EZ

Demo Mode

Your Onyx EZ has a demo mode that starts playing when, for a prolonged
period of time (more than 5 minutes), the Radio either detects it's not
connected to the antenna, or the antenna stops receiving a signal. It disappears
when the antenna is connected properly or when the Radio starts receiving a
signal. You can also exit demo mode at any time, by pressing and holding the
Select button for 10 seconds. If desired, you can also manually put Onyx EZ in
demo mode.
The ability for Onyx EZ to enter demo mode is enabled by default. If you
don't want Onyx EZ to ever enter the demo mode, you can disable the
demo feature. You can enable it again at another time if desired.
To enable or disable the demo mode:
1. Press menu.
2. Press
to scroll to and highlight
Demo Mode and press the Select
3. Status will be highlighted. Press
the Select button to toggle the
setting between enabled or disabled.
(Repeatedly pressing the Select
button toggles between the choices.)
4. If you have selected disabled, press and hold menu to return to the
main display screen. If you have selected enabled continue with step 5.
5. Press
to scroll to and highlight Enter Demo Mode and press the
Demo Mode
Enter Demo Mode
Press Select to
change setting


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