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ReSound LS961-DRW LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW User Manual

Receiver-in-ear hearing instrument.
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  • Page 2: Intended Use

    1999/5/EC (R&TTE). • The declaration of conformity may be consulted at Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, • In US: FCC CFR 47 Part 15, subpart C.
  • Page 3: Prescription Use Of This Tsg Hearing Instrument

    Practice and a positive attitude are use of sound generator and seek medical evaluation. important in learning to use hearing instruments. Your ReSound instruments have been adjusted according to your individual hearing loss and needs. Some people adjust quickly to wearing hearing instruments in The target population is primarily the adult population over 18 years of age.
  • Page 4 Hearing instrument model: Mini Receiver In-the-Ear (RIE) hear- ing instruments of type VE312 with FCC ID: X26VE312, IC number 6941C-VE312 and size 312 battery are available in the following vari- Model 61: Battery size 312 ants: Model 62: Battery size 13 LS961-DRW, LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW Receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) hearing instru- ments of type BRIE with FCC ID X26BRIE, IC...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Statement: ......2 Using ReSound Hearing Instruments with General warnings ..... . . 32 Warranty and repairs .
  • Page 6 62 models (type BRIE) 1. Receiver tube 9, 10 2. Receiver Open Dome 3. Receiver Tulip Dome 4. Receiver Power Dome 5. RIE mould 6. Sports lock Battery compartment 8. Receiver 9. Push button 10. Volume Control (optional) 11. LP receiver tube 12.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2, Phone Clip+ and Mini 3. Insert the new battery with the positive side in the correct position.
  • Page 8: Sports Lock

    Sports lock Insertion (domes) 1. Hold the receiver tube where it bends, and The sports lock will be applied or adjusted by your hearing care professional. gently place the dome into the ear canal. Inserting/Removing hearing instruments Push the dome far enough into the ear canal so that the receiver tube lies flush with the Insertion (custom RIE and UP moulds) side of the head.
  • Page 9: Programme And Multi-function Buttons

    Programme and Multi-Function buttons When using the programme or multi-function buttons to switch programmes, each press will move the instrument to the next programme. For example, if it was in programme 1 it will switch to programme 2, if it If you have a hearing aid with a programme button or multi-function button, this will allow you to use up to was in programme 2 it will switch to programme 3 etc.
  • Page 10 If you have two hearing instruments with the synchronization function enabled and you have the multi- Flight mode function button set for volume control functionality, volume adjustments to one instrument will automatically repeat in the second instrument. When a volume control adjustment is made in one instrument, you will hear When boarding a flight or entering an area where RF transmitters are prohibited, wireless functionality must a confirmation beep.
  • Page 11: Telephone Use

    3. If whistling occurs, it may take a brief moment of holding the telephone in iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. For assistance in pairing and using these products with your ReSound LiNX the same position before the hearing instrument adapts and reduces the device, please contact your hearing care professional or visit our support site at
  • Page 12: Phonenow

    Initially, you may need to 2. Only use magnets supplied by ReSound. move the telephone receiver slightly to find the best position for reliable PhoneNow activation and good hearing on the telephone.
  • Page 13: Telecoil (optional)

    Telecoil (optional) Connecting/Disconnecting audio boots If equipped, a telecoil can be activated by your hearing care professional and accessed through one of Connecting audio boots the additional programmes. A telecoil picks up a telephone’s magnetic signal and converts it to sound. An 1.
  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Daily maintenance Please follow the following instructions to prolong the durability of your hearing instruments: It is important to keep your hearing instrument clean and dry. 1. Keep your hearing instrument clean and dry. Wipe the case with a soft cloth or tissue after use to remove On a daily basis, clean the hearing instruments using a soft grease or moisture.
  • Page 15: The Receiver Tube

    The receiver tube Changing wax guard for receiver tube The receiver tube contains the wiring to the receiver which delivers the sound to the ear canal. It is important For changing Cerustop (white) wax filters, the following steps are needed: that the receiver tube and the receiver dome/RIE mold fits correctly in your ear.
  • Page 16: How To Apply Domes

    ReSound tulip domes • The app must only be used with GN ReSound devices for which it is intended, and GN ReSound take Tulip domes are mounted in a similar manner to standard domes, but a few extra steps are required. Tulip no responsibility if the app is used with other devices.
  • Page 17: General Precautions

    1. Special care should be exercised in selecting and fitting a hearing instrument(s) who’s maximum sound * ReSound wireless devices include a RF transmitter that operates in the range of 2.4 GHz - 2.48 GHz. pressure level exceeds 132 dB SPL (with an IEC 60711:1981 occluded ear simulator), because there * For use of wireless functionality only use ReSound Unite accessories.
  • Page 18: Tinnitus Sound Generator (tsg) Module

    Your ReSound hearing instruments may also include the Tinnitus Sound Generator function, a tool for gen- erating sounds to be used in tinnitus management programmes to relieve suffering from tinnitus.
  • Page 19: The Scientific Concepts That Form The Basis For The Device

    The scientific concepts that form the basis for the device TSG warnings The TSG Module provides sound enrichment with the aim of surrounding the tinnitus sound with a neutral • Sound generators can be dangerous if improperly used. sound which is easily ignored. Sound enrichment is an important component of most approaches to tinni- •...
  • Page 20: Tsg Warning To Hearing Healthcare Professionals

    TSG warning to hearing healthcare professionals Battery warning information A hearing healthcare professional should advise a prospective sound generator user to consult promptly Batteries, although very small, contain dangerous substances, and should be disposed of carefully. This is with a licensed physician (preferably an ear specialist) before getting a sound generator if the hearing for the safety of you and the environment.
  • Page 21: Warning To Hearing Aid Dispensers (us Only)

    tion. The audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will conduct a hearing aid evaluation to assess your ability to Warning to hearing aid dispensers (US Only) hear with and without a hearing aid. The hearing aid evaluation will enable the audiologist or dispenser to select and fit a hearing aid to your individual needs.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting Guide SYMPTOM CAUSE POSSIBLE REMEDY No sound Not turned on Turn on by closing the battery door Dead battery Replace battery Battery door will not close Insert battery properly Blocked RIE mould or tube Clean RIE mould or tube Blocked wax filter Replace wax filter or consult your hearing care professional Not loud enough...
  • Page 23 Troubleshooting Guide SYMPTOM CAUSE POSSIBLE REMEDY Excessive whistling / Incorrect RIE mould placement Re-insert RIE mould carefully feedback Incorrect dome placement Re-insert dome Excessive ear wax Consult your hearing care professional Feedback control may need adjustment Consult your hearing care professional RIE mould tubing worn or damaged Consult your hearing care professional Hearing instrument settings not optimal...
  • Page 24: Technical Data

    Technical data MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) RIE - LP receiver RIE—MP receiver 2cc Coupler 2cc Coupler Models: LS962-DRW, LS762-DRW, LS562-DRW Models: LS962-DRW, LS762-DRW, LS562-DRW LS961-DRW, LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW LS961-DRW, LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input)
  • Page 25 MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) RIE—HP receiver RIE—UP receiver 2cc Coupler 2cc Coupler Models: LS962-DRW, LS762-DRW, LS562-DRW Models: LS962-DRW, LS762-DRW, LS562-DRW LS961-DRW, LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW LS961-DRW, LS761-DRW, LS561-DRW Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) dB SPL...
  • Page 26: Warranty And Repairs

    Warranty and repairs Be aware of information marked with the warning symbol ReSound provides a warranty on hearing instruments in the event of defects in workmanship or materials, WARNING points out a situation that could lead to serious injuries, as described in applicable warranty documentation. In its service policy, ReSound pledges to secure func- CAUTION indicates a situation that could lead to minor and moderate injuries tionality at least equivalent to the original hearing instrument.
  • Page 27 Fax: (free) 0800 007 695 Fax: +44 1869 343 466 CVR no. 55082715 Any issues relating to the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, or Council Directive 1999/5/EC on Radio Equipment and Tele communications terminal equipment should be directed to ReSound A/S...

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