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Toshiba T-PSV Operation Manual

Programmable controller prosec t-series dde server
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  Summary of Contents for Toshiba T-PSV

  • Page 2 In no event will Toshiba Corporation be responsible or liable for either indirect or consequential damage or injury that may result from the use of this equipment. No patent liability is assumed by Toshiba Corporation with respect to use of information, illustrations, circuits, equipment or examples of application in this publication.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    4.2.5 Tag setting ..........................21 5. Using Excel as DDE Client ...................... 24 Reading PLC data into Excel spreadsheet ..............24 Starting up T-PSV from Excel ..................26 Writing data from Excel into PLC ................... 27 6. List of Error Messages ......................29 List of error messages ....................
  • Page 4: Overview

    DDE expression. Data writing into the PLC is also possible by using VBA. T-PSV program: The T-PSV is a program to gather the PLC's data based on the configuration file. When a DDE client application requests the data, the T-PSV sends the data to the client application.
  • Page 5: System Configuration

    The Ethernet connection is available with T2N, T3H, S2T, S2 and S3. These PLCs can have an Ethernet interface. Up to 64 PLCs can be connected to the T-PSV. The transmission speed is 10Mbps. In this configuration, personal computer's Ethernet port is used.
  • Page 6 The programmer port connection is available with T1, T1S, T2E, T2N, T3, T3H, and S2T. The interface of the PLC's programmer port is RS232C. Only one PLC can be connected to the T-PSV. The transmission speed is fixed at 9.6kbps. In this configuration, personal computer's Serial port is used.
  • Page 7: System Requirements

    Max. 248 words / cycle (max. 744 words / 3 update cycles) Individual address data: Max. 32 words / cycle (max. 96 words / 3 update cycles) Note) Either continuous address Tag or individual address Tag can be used for a PLC per one update cycle. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 8: Getting Started

    2. Getting Started 2.1 Install the T-PSV To install the T-PSV into your hard disk, insert the T-PSV master disk into the floppy disk drive then operate as follows. Windows [Start] menu → [Settings] → [Control Panel] Click here Double click [Add/Remove Programs]...
  • Page 9 2. Getting Started Click [Install] Click here Then follow the message displayed on the screen. You will install the T-PSV from floppy disk. Its installation program is "A:\Setup.exe". DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 10 2. Getting Started When you select the T-PSV installation program correctly, the T-PSV installation wizard will be started as follows. Click [Next] to start installation. Operation Manual...
  • Page 11 The default installation folder is c:\Program Files\Toshiba\T-PSV. If you change the installation folder, click [Browse] and select the folder. Click [Next] and follow the message to proceed the installation. When T-PSV is installed normally, the following screen will be displayed. Click [Finish] DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 12: Startup The T-Psv

    When installation is completed normally, let's startup the T-PSV. The detailed operation/setup procedure will be explained in the following sections. This section introduces basic operation for starting up and finishing the T-PSV, and T-PSV screen description. To startup the T-PSV, select [T-PSV] from the [Start] menu.
  • Page 13 2. Getting Started Then the T-PSV is started and the configuration file open dialog is displayed as follows. Configuration file open dialog is displayed only at the initial starting up. Once a configuration file is designated, the T-PSV will be started with the latest configuration at the next time.
  • Page 14: T-Psv Screen Description

    2. Getting Started 2.3 T-PSV screen description When a configuration file is designated, the T-PSV read the configuration and the following screen will appear. Connection configuration Tag name Register or Actual Status Device update address cycle (sec) PLC name Update cycle...
  • Page 15: Finish The T-Psv

    Displays the version information of the T-PSV Toolbars: Stops data gathering (red color when enable) Starts data gathering (green color when enable) Opens configuration file 2.4 Finish the T-PSV To finish the T-PSV, select [File] → [Exit]. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 16: Operation Procedure

    The configuration file is used to specify the setting information for the T-PSV. The T-PSV does not have the function to edit the configuration. The T-PSV works based on the configuration described on the configuration file that is created separately.
  • Page 17 "Dev1". Refer to section 5 for more information. A sample Excel file (PlcBook.xls) has been installed together with the T-PSV in the same folder for your reference. (3) Execute the T-PSV Execute the T-PSV and open the configuration file you created.
  • Page 18: Configuration File

    4. Configuration File 4.1 Example of the configuration file An example of the configuration file is shown below. (Excel 97 screen) Note that the configuration file must be CSV (comma delimited) format. When you create and save the file by Excel, specify as CSV format. In CSV format, comma is used to separate each column.
  • Page 19: Inside The Configuration File

    T/+ (2nd Tag of 1st PLC) … Ditto PS (2nd PLC on serial line) … PLC station number, PLC model, etc. T/TA (1st Tag of 2nd PLC) … Tag name, corresponding PLC register/device, update cycle, etc. T/+ (2nd Tag of 2nd PLC) … Ditto DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 20: Connection Setting

    4. Configuration File 4.2.1 Connection setting The connection setting specifies the connection name, type of connection (Ethernet or Serial), Time-out setting, and Update cycles (High, Middle and Low). The setting details and the column order are as follows. Setting ID Connection name Any name (within 11 characters) Type of connection...
  • Page 21: Plc Setting For Ethernet

    Note) When the programmer port is used, only one PLC can be connected on the serial line. In this case, set the station address as 1 except T1/T1S. In case of T1/T1S, the programmer port station address is user setting. Refer to T1/T1S User's Manual. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 22: Tag Setting

    4. Configuration File 4.2.5 Tag setting The tag setting specifies the tag name, corresponding register/device, update cycle, and data type. Two types of designation are available. These are the individual address designation (T) and the continuous address designation (TA). When the individual address designation is used, up to 32 tags can be used for one PLC per one update cycle.
  • Page 23 TA PLC2NAM0 D0000 HIGH Up to 248 Tags for High update cycle PLC2NAM1 TA PLC2NAM248 D0248 MIDDLE Up to 248 Tags for Middle update cycle PLC2NAM249 TA PLC2NAM496 D0496 PLC2NAM497 Up to 248 Tags for Low update cycle DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 24 4. Configuration File Note (1) In the continuous address designation, T3H/S2T's expanded F register can be used. In this case, specify the register as follows. F00000-B2 Bank number: 1 - 15 (at 8K bank, T3H) 1 - 2 (at 64K bank, T3H) 1 - 8 (at 64K bank, S2T) Bank type: A = 8K bank (T3H only) B = 64K bank (T3H or S2T)
  • Page 25: Using Excel As Dde Client

    By the above operation, DDE link will be established. If you start the data gathering with T-PSV, the data of the Excel cell will be changed. By using the Chart wizard function of Excel, you can monitor the data in the graph view.
  • Page 26 5. Using Excel as DDE Client In addition to the standard DDE expression described in the previous page, the following DDE data monitoring is possible. (1) Bit position designation for a register Tag Bit on/off status of a register Tag can be monitored by using the following expression. Plcsrv|T!TAG name.n Bit position: n = 0 to F For example)
  • Page 27: Starting Up T-Psv From Excel

    5. Using Excel as DDE Client 5.2 Starting up T-PSV from Excel It is possible to start the T-PSV (go to on-line) from Excel by the following procedure. (1) Open the Excel file. (2) The following message will be displayed when you open the file.
  • Page 28: Writing Data From Excel Into Plc

    5. Using Excel as DDE Client 5.3 Writing data from Excel into PLC It is possible to write data from Excel into the PLC via T-PSV, using Excel's VBA code. An example procedure to do is shown below. (1) Go to the menu [Tools] [Macro] [Record New Macro] (in case of Excel 97).
  • Page 29 = PlcPoke("SWITCHI1", szData) End Sub This sample writes the data of cell "A1" into the Tag named "SWITCH1". Above sample VBA code is included in the sample Excel file PlcBook.xls which is installed in your computer together with T-PSV. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 30: List Of Error Messages

    6. List of Error Messages 6.1 List of error messages The error messages that are displayed on the T-PSV screen are listed below. Message Contents Baudrate setting is not correct. In the serial setting, invalid baudrate is designated. Baudrate must be 1200,2400,4800, Designate any of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, or 19200.
  • Page 31 [PLC Name] is 32.(1 double-word Because one double-word Tag requires two registers. Tag requires 2 registers) Reduce the Tags. Memory allocation error. It could not allocate the Windows shared memory that holds the collecting data. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 32 Only one block is allowed. No ‘machine.plc’ file. The PLC definition file 'machine.plc' could not be found. Install the T-PSV again. No Baudrate setting. In the serial setting, there is no baudrate setting. Set the baudrate. No Connection Name setting.
  • Page 33 The PLC setting is ‘PS’ for Serial connection and’ PE’ for be ‘PS’. Ethernet connection. PLC setting ID on serial connection is In the configuration file, ‘PE’ is used for the serial connection. ‘PS’. Use ‘PS’ for PLC setting on serial connection. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 34 6. List of Error Messages Message Contents PLC setting ID on Ethernet connection In the configuration file, ‘PS’ is used for the Ethernet is ‘PE’. connection. Use ‘PE’ for PLC setting on Ethernet connection. PLC setting is required before TAG In the configuration file, Tag setting is appeared before PLC setting.
  • Page 35 In the configuration file, the number of Tags for a PLC per Register Tags per the [PLC name] in Middle-speed update cycle exceeds 248. (Continuous address Middle-speed cycle is 248. Tag) The maximum number of Tags available in 1 PLC is 248 per each update cycle. DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 36 6. List of Error Messages Message Contents The number of Continuous Register In the Tag setting, the number of registers for a PLC per High- Tags in High-speed cycle exceeds 248 speed update cycle exceeds 248. (Continuous address Tag) registers. (1 double-word Tag requires One double-word Tag requires two registers.
  • Page 37 DDE Server T-PSV...
  • Page 38 TOSHIBA CORPORATION Industrial Equipment Department 1-1, Shibaura 1-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-8001, JAPAN Tel: 03-3457-4900 Fax: 03-5444-9268...