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Operational Safety; Maintenance Information - Xerox 770 Safety Manual

Digital color press
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Safety information

Operational safety

Your Xerox equipment and supplies were designed and tested to meet strict safety
requirements. These include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with
established environmental standards.
Your attention to the following safety guidelines will help ensure the continued safe
operation of your machine:
• Use the materials and supplies specifically designed for your machine. The use of
unsuitable materials may result in poor performance of the machine and possibly a
hazardous situation.
• Follow all warnings and instructions that are marked on or supplied with the machine.
• Place the machine in a room that provides adequate space for ventilation and
• Place the machine on a level, solid surface (not on a thick pile carpet) that has
adequate strength to support the weight of the machine.
• Do not attempt to move the machine. A leveling device that was lowered when your
machine was installed may damage the carpet or floor.
• Do not set up the machine near a heat source.
• Do not set up the machine in direct sunlight.
• Do not set up the machine in line with the cold air flow from an air conditioning
• Do not place containers of coffee or other liquid on the machine.
• Do not block or cover the slots and openings on the machine.
• Do not attempt to override any electrical or mechanical interlock devices.
Be careful when working in areas identified with this warning symbol. These areas
may be very hot and should not be touched.
If you need any additional safety information concerning the machine or materials,
contact your Xerox representative.

Maintenance information

Any operator product maintenance procedures will be described in the user
documentation supplied with the product.
Do not carry out any maintenance on this product which is not described in the customer
770 Digital Color Press
Safety Guide



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