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Installation - Haier HDY6-1 Operation Manual

Haier condenser tumble dryer operation manual
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a = 855 mm
b = 620 mm
c = 595 mm
Weight = 38 Kg
Packing accessories
Checklist of the accessories and materials provided with the machine:
Certificate of
To ensure the dryer operating normally, attention must be paid to
the following in placement:
The dryer must be horizontally installed. Its bottom is equipped
with adjustable base angles. Adjust these 4 angles to level before
Check whether there is any damage to the dryer during
transportation. Any damaged dryer must not be electrified. In case
of any damage, contact your dryer supplier;
The dryer must be kept away from flammable or detonable substances
The surrounding environment must be dry and ventilated;
Do not install the dryer on any hairy carpet because the normal
ventilation of the vent hole may be blocked
To allow the dryer to perform better, the ambient temperature shall
not be lower than 10
nor higher than 35
Column Installation
To save space, the dryer may be installed
on a prepositioned drum washing machine
using a folding frame. This dryer can be
placed with the HBF series washers by a
folding frame. For specific installation, refer
to the instructions for the installation of the
folding frame.
Change the door-opening direction
If the direction of opening the dryer's door is
not suitable to the location, its opening direction
may be changed. The detailed operating
procedures are as follows:
Screw off the 4 screws(1) fixing the door's
hinge to remove the door(5);
Remove the hinge(3) from the door and
take off the hinge cover(4) at the other side
and fix the hinge back;
Screw off the screws fixing the door
switch(6) to remove the door switch. Take
off the door switch cover(7) at the other
side and fix the door switch back;
Put the removed hinge cove(4)r and
door switch cover(7) into the side opposite
to the door;
Remove the 4 corks and the door lock
cover from the front panel and put them on the other side of the
front panel;
Fix the door on the other side of the machine.
Drain switchover
During the drying of the laundry, the condensate water is automatically
collected in the box inside the machine, so that the water needs to

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