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Preparation - Haier HDY6-1 Operation Manual

Haier condenser tumble dryer operation manual
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be removed from the box after every drying of the laundry. If your
dryer is in the vicinity of a drainage, you may allow the condensate
water being discharged directly into the drainage through the drainpipe
provided as accessory so that to avoid emptying the box for every time.
The method to connect the drainpipe is as follows:
1. Loosen the hose clip with the drain switchover joint;
2. Pull the hose off the joint;
3. Install the accessory drainpipe in place;
4. Fix the hose clip.
Note: The outlet of the drainpipe must not be higher than 1.2 m above
the floor.


1. Before operation, clean off the dusts and dirties inside the drum
of the dryer by a wet towel;
2. Clean off debris on the filter screen and in the duct to increase the
drying efficiency.
Turning on power
Before turning on the power for the dryer, check:
Whether the supply voltage is in accordance with the value indicated
on the nameplate;
Whether the supply receptacle can withstand the maximum power
load to the dryer;
Whether the supply receptacle is in accordance with the plug of the
dryer. If not, replace the power supply cable or receptacle to make
them accord with each other; The replacement of the power supply
cable must be made by a qualified professional or our authorized
service agent;
The dryer must be grounded securely.
Treatment of laundry to dry
Check whether the laundry to be dried is suitable to be dried in the dryer;
The dryer can only dry the laundry that has been spun dry. Do not
put too wet laundry into the machine;
Empty all pockets of the laundry with such items as keys and coins
and remove the adornment that is not suitable to be dried;
Pull up zippers, sew and mend up loosened fasteners and tie up
dispersed ribbons to prevent the laundry from being entangled. If
necessary, put small items into a net.
To achieve a better drying result, shake the heavy laundry and make
it loose before load it into the dryer.
Load to dry
Synthetic fabric
Laundry type
Cotton fabric
Maximum load
Warning: Do not dry wool, silk, down and other delicate fabrics to avoid
damage to fabrics.

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