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Haier HDY60 Owner & User Manual

Clothes dryer
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  • Page 2 1 The tumble dryer is not be used if industrial chemicals have been used for cleaning. 2 The interior of the dryer, lint screen housing, exhaust grill and the rear, should be cleaned approximately every 18 months,by qualified service personnel. An excessive amount of lint build up in these areas could result in inefficient drying and pose a possible fire hazard.
  • Page 3 Do not dry unwashed items in the tumble dryer. 16 Fabric softeners, or similar products, should be used as specified by the fabric softener instructions. 17 To prevent fire, do not use heat to dry items containing plastic, foam rubber or similarly textured rubber-like materials, or items containing feathers or down.
  • Page 4 Program selector Control panel Adjustable outlet Door grill and lint filter Back plate Power supply cord Air intake grill Model number and Serial number Read all instructions before using this dryer. Operating, care and installation instructions have been provided. This dryer has been designed for domestic use only. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 5 Attention: 1.Before operation, clean off any dust inside and dirt inside the drum of the dryer with a damp towel; 2.Clean off any debris on the lint filter and in the duct to increase the drying efficiency. Turning on power Before turning on the power of the dryer, check: - Whether the supply voltage is in accordance with the value indicated on the nameplate;...
  • Page 6: Laundry Loading

    1. Power up Insert the power plug into an appropriate power outlet that is properly installed and grounded. Operating power supply: 230V~60Hz. 2. Laundry loading Open the door and load the laundry into the drum of the dryer. For a more energy efficient and better drying result, make sure the load has been spun dried.
  • Page 7 A - Program control knob B - Start/Pause button After selecting your desired drying program, press this button to start the dryer. To pause the dryer while in operation, press this button again. The display will flase digits and the machine will come to a halted . To resume drying , press this button again.
  • Page 8 WARNING! Unplug the power cord prior to any cleaning Cleaning the surface Wipe off any dust or dirt on the body of the dryer and surface off the main control. Note: Do not use excessive water. Just a damp cloth is fine. Do not use solvent.
  • Page 9: Installation

    INSTALLATION Dimensions a=825 mm b=595 mm c=560 mm Weight=30 kg Remove the transport packaging (fig.1) and remove the dryer rack from the top packaging (fig.2). Remove the tape on the front (fig.3 and fig.4), the wall mounting kit attached to the drum with tape on the inside and the panel film, before starting the dryer.
  • Page 10: Wall Mounting Instructions

    WALL MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Determine the location of the dryer on the wall and mark the bracket position. A minimum 50 mm is needed between the top of the dryer and the celling for ease of installation; If mounting above a washing machine, allow sufficient room to open the lid of the washer.
  • Page 11 WALL MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS 3. To install the hook to the dryer, remove the 2 screws and 2 corks as indicated in Fig.1 . 4. Align hooks as shown in Fig.2 and each hook should be fixed up well with three screws. Install the spacer provided as Fig.2.
  • Page 12 WALL MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS 1. With assistance, mount dryer on wall brackets. See Fig.3. 6. A new control panel with inverted symbols to suit your inverted dryer is supplied. Peel the release paper from the back of inverted film then place new control panel film on the surface so that writing is the correct way around.
  • Page 13: Rack Fitting

    RACK FITTING INSTRUCTION DRYER FREE STANDING-UPRIGHT For ease of access, the rack is to be mounted near the dryer top. Firstly,hold the rack horizontally with the two end projections pointing upwards and away from yourself. Position the rack near the top of the dryer and place the end of the right rack projection into the right cabinet mounting hole (Fig.1).
  • Page 14 RACK FITTING INSTRUCTION RACK STORAGE - DRYER INVERTED. To hold the dryer rack out of the way when not in use, it will be necessary to attach the retaining clip to the base of your dryer. To do this, firstly remove the screw located 4 cm from the right corner of the inverted dryer ( Fig.3).
  • Page 15 Those lists below are not failures. The following must be confirmed before calling for service: Problem Possible Cause Is the dryer plugged in? Is the power on? Is the door closed properly? The dryer does not start Has a drying program been set? Has the Start/Pause button been pressed? Was the correct drying program set? Is the filter screen clean?
  • Page 16: Program Descriptions

    TYPE HDY60 ITEM 230V~/50Hz Power supply Maximum operating current (A) Rated load (kg) Drying program Maximum power (W) 2100 825x560x595 Dimensions (HxDxW) mm Weight (kg) IPX4 Waterproof degree PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS 1. Extra dry: 200 minutes drying cycle,the last 10 minutes in cool down mode.