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Haier HDY6-1 Service Manual

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Condenser Tumber Dryer
Condenser Tumber Dryer
Service Manual
Condenser Tumber Dryer
Double to open the door
LED Display
Delay time adjustive
Drying Programs-15
Haier Group


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Summary of Contents for Haier HDY6-1

  • Page 1 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 MODEL HDY6-1/HDY6-1ME Condenser Tumber Dryer Service Manual Features Condenser Tumber Dryer Double to open the door LED Display Delay time adjustive Drying Programs-15 Haier Group MANUAL CODE No.1...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 1 Contents----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 2 Specification-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 3 Safety caution---------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 4 Installation-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 5 Name of the parts----------------------------------------------------------------------------9 6 Control panel---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 7 Net dimention -------------------------------------------------------------------------------11 8 Programming guide------------------------------------------------------------------------12 9 Drying methods---- --------------------------------------------------------------------------13 10 Cleaning and maintenance------------------------------------------------------------14 11 Trouble shooting--------------------------------------------------------------------------16 12 Wiring circuit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------18...
  • Page 3: Specification

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Specification Product identification Description of appliance Type of appliance (FS = standing, BI = built-in) Supplier own brand Haier Supplier bar code (TBC) Commercial Brand / Model Key-Features Energy class Programs n° Capacity (max. / optional)
  • Page 4 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 1) Cotton n° 2 synthetics n° 3) Mix program n° 4)Special Program n° ON/OFF button Water Outlet Packing dimensions & loadability Packing dimensions (H x W x D) 89.5*63.5*65.5 Gross weight 44.0 40' HC load capacity...
  • Page 5: Safety Caution

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Important Safety Instructions To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons when using this dryer, follow basic precautions,including the following: 1.Read all instructions before using this dryer. 2. Do not dry items that have been previously cleaned in,washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, cleaning solvents, kerosene, waxes, etc.
  • Page 6 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 17.If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacturer ,its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard. 18.Do not operate the dryer if any parts are missing or broken.
  • Page 7: Installation

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Installation Dimensions a = 855 mm b = 620 mm c = 595 mm Weight = 38 Kg Packing accessories Checklist of the accessories and materials provided with the machine: Owner's Certificate of Name Drainpipe manual...
  • Page 8 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Column Installation To save space, the dryer may be installed on a prepositioned drum washing machine using a folding frame. This dryer can be placed with the HBF series washers by a folding frame. For specific installation, refer to the instructions for the installation of the folding frame.
  • Page 9 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 be removed from the box after every drying of the laundry. If your dryer is in the vicinity of a drainage, you may allow the condensate water being discharged directly into the drainage through the drainpipe provided as accessory so that to avoid emptying the box for every time.
  • Page 10: Name Of The Parts

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Names of the parts Container handle Button Program selector Door Plinth Bottom plaque Earth terminal Back plate Back cover board Power supply cable Rear footplate Drainage outlet...
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Control panel A - Program knob Turn this knob to choose the drying program you desired. This type of dryer has 15 program options available for you to choose. For description of specific programs, refer to the list of programs on Page 10. At the same time, this knob also serves as a power switch.
  • Page 12: Net Dimention

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 E - Condensate collection box handle The condensate collection box is used to store the condensate during the drying. When the program is complete, empty the condensate collection box timely. F - LED screen The screen displays the remaining time for a program, the delay time and other related information.
  • Page 13: Programming Guide

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Programming Guide Degree of Recommended Laundry Type Program Time Max.Lading Drying 2:00 Very dry Heavy cotton fabrics, sheets Cotton fabrics, sheets, coats 1:50 1:40 Ordinary cotton fabrics Slightly damp Ironing damp 1:30 Ordinary cotton fabrics Machine...
  • Page 14: Drying Methods

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Drying Methods Turning on power Insert the power plug into an appropriate receptacle to turn on the power. Operating power supply: (220-230)V /50Hz. Laundry loading Reference weight of fabrics for drying Open the door and place the treated...
  • Page 15: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Cleaning and Maintenance 1 Cleaning the surface Wipe off the dusts and dirties on the body of the dryer and the surface of the main control panel by a cleaning cloth. Remember not use any organic solvent or corrosive agent in cleaning to avoid damage to the machine.
  • Page 16 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 - Using a coin or other tool, push the slides on the cover to the position as shown in the figure and then remove the cover; - Turn the condenser's handle 90 degrees in the direction as shown in the figure;...
  • Page 17: Trouble Shooting

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Trouble shooting I. The dryer does not start Possible causes: 1. The power supply plug peels off; 2.The local circuit is out of power; 3.The door is closed tightly; 4. Programme knob on OFF ; 5.The Start/Pause button has not been pressed;...
  • Page 18 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 The remaining time display is halted, or the remaining time displayed by skipping degression Possible causes: The remaining time will be adjusted and corrected continuously and automatically based on the following factors: Type of laundry; Loaded amount;...
  • Page 19: Wiring Circuit

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Wiring circuit PCB2 PCB1 FA-Electromagnetic interference inhibitor Heat1 Heating1 L Bulb Heat2 Heating2 NTC Temperature sensor T1,T2 Thermostat Fuse-Thermal fuse H Humidity sensor M Motor PS Drainage pump K1 Level switch K2 Door switch K3 Light switch...
  • Page 20: Exploded View And List Of Parts

    Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Exploded view -19-...
  • Page 21 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 -20-...
  • Page 22 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 No. in exploded Spare parts number Spare parts description in english Unit Mark view 0020102847 Back plate 00213500007700 Right side panel assembly 0020102821 Back cover board 0020202696 Storage tank assembly 0020202695 Tank 0020202676 Connecting joint of handle...
  • Page 23 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 00214900014600 Foot 00213500007800 Bottom panel 0020400626 Computer board 0020202961 Guide light column 0020102810 Front panel 00213500013900 Iron top panel 0020803061 Drum assembly 0020102820 Sensor board 0020202708 Tub baffle 0020300472 Sealing bar of door 0020202700 Top ventilation duct...
  • Page 24 Condenser Tumber Dryer HDY6-1 Sincere Forever Haier Group Tel:86-532-8939999 Web site:

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