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Control Panel - Haier HDY6-1 Operation Manual

Haier condenser tumble dryer operation manual
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Control panel

A - Program knob
Turn this knob to choose the drying program you desired. This type of
dryer has 15 program options available for you to choose. For description
of specific programs, refer to the list of programs on Page 10. At the same
time, this knob also serves as a power switch. When it is turned to "OFF,"
the power supply turns off; when the drying program is selected, the power
supply turns on.
B - Start/Pause button
After turning on the power, select the drying program you desired.
Gently touch this button to start the dryer. Gently touch this button again
during the operation of the dryer and the indicator light and display screen
will flash digits and the machine will be halted. Press the button again and
the program will continue to operate.
C - Delicate button
After this function is selected, the corresponding indictor light will be
on and the low power heater will operate. During the operation of a program,
the drying temperature will decrease so as to have a better care of the
delicate laundry.
D - Delay button
Gently touch this button before a program starts. You may choose to
start the dryer after a preset time. The delay range is between 1 and 24
hours. Every touch of the delay button will make an increment of one hour.
When in excess of 12 hours, the remaining time will be redisplayed. After
a delay time is set, gently touch the Start/Pause button to the start the
delay operation and the indicator light will flash.
E - Condensate collection box handle
the drying. When the program is complete, empty the condensate
collection box timely.
F - LED screen
and other related information.
Note: The remaining time to start a program is the default time for the
program. During the operation, with the variation of the factors such as
the moisture content the actual remaining time program will be automatically
adjusted until the preset drying result has been achieved and the program
is complete.
G - Indicator light for cleaning up the condensate collection box
full of condensate. Please empty the box. At this time the operation of
the program will be halted. After the box is emptied, press the Start/Pause
button and the program will continue to operate.
H - Indicator light for cleaning the filter screen
cold air cycle and will be complete soon. It prompts the user to clean the
filter screen after the program is complete.
C D composite button and children lock function
buttons for 10 seconds to set up the children lock function if necessary.
At this time, the display screen shows the remaining time and the lock
alternatively, and the control panel will be locked. Press and hold down
both buttons for 10 seconds once again and the children lock will release.
Control panel
The condensate collection box is used to store the condensate during
The screen displays the remaining time for a program, the delay time
When this light is on, it indicates that the condensate collection box is
When this light is on, it indicates that the program has operated in the
During the operation of a program, you may press and hold down both

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