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Operation; On/Off; Squelch; Dual Watch - Uniden MC1010 Operating Manual

Vhf marine radio channel scan dual watch
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Dual Watch is
automatically activated
when scanning begins.



Turn the unit on by rotating the VOLUME control clockwise.


Adjust the 4 position SQUELCH rotary switch to eliminate background noise and select the
signals you wish to receive.
Position 0 - (all signals) - squelch off.
Position 1 - (weak signals) squelch threshold
Position 2 - (medium signals) squelch medium
Position 3 - (strong signals only!) squelch maximum.

Dual Watch

Dual Watch monitors channel 16 for activity every two seconds while scanning or monitoring.
To activate Dual Watch, press and hold button 16 until two short beeps occur. The
appears on the LCD panel, indicating Dual Watch mode is in effect. If the
signal is received on channel 16, the radio remains on channel 16 until the signal ends.
Press and hold button 16 until the tone sounds to cancel Dual Watch mode.
Channel Selection
To select a channel manually, press the CHAN selector buttons (
desired channel. Communication channels are located on Channels 01 - 28, 60 - 69
and 71 - 88.

Instant Channel 16

To access instant Channel 16, press button 16 . This overrides the channel selected with the
CHAN selector buttons or any scanning activity. The Channel Display indicates the unit is
on Channel 16. Press button 16 again. The transceiver will return to the channel selected.
prior to accessing instant Channel 16 communications. The Channel display will indicate
the selected channel.
) to select the



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