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Antenna Considerations; Installing The Mc1010; Care And Maintenance - Uniden MC1010 Operating Manual

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The power cord is
equipped with a fuse to
protect the radio. Use
only a 6 Amp fast blow
fuse when replacing.
Always mount the
MC1010 horizontally -
never facing upwards, as
it will collect water.

Antenna Considerations

A variety of antenna is available from a number of quality suppliers. It is recommended
you draw upon the advice of your retailer when choosing a suitable antenna to suit your
vessel and range requirements. In general, the communication range is increased by using
a high-gain antenna placed as high as possible above the water line. Antennas should be
located away from metal objects and not have excessively long coaxial feed cables.

Installing the MC1010

After you have considered the various factors affecting your choice of location, position the
radio (with the bracket, microphone, power cord, antenna and any auxiliary cables installed)
into the selected location and operate it to ensure there is no interference with surrounding
Mark the location of the mounting bracket, remove it from the radio and use the bracket
as a template to position the fixing holes for drilling.
Screw fix the mounting bracket using the screws compatible with the mounting surface.
Connect the red wire of the supplied power cord to the positive (+) battery terminal.
Connect the black wire to (-) battery terminal.
Connect the power cord to the keyed connector on the DC power lead (see page 4)
Install the radio in the mounting bracket and connect all cables and accessories to the
appropriate jacks and connectors.


Your MC1010 is a precision piece of electronic equipment and needs to be treated accordingly.
Due to the rugged design, very little maintenance is required, however a few precautions
should be observed.
If your radio has been accidentally subjected to moisture, you should immediately wipe
it down with a soft cloth dampened with fresh water - then dry it off.
If the antenna has been damaged, you should not transmit except in case of emergency.
A defective antenna may cause damage to your radio.
You are responsible for the continued AS/NZS 4415 technical compliance of your radio.
You are urged to arrange for periodic performance checks with your local Uniden marine



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