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Installation; Selecting A Location; Antenna Considerations - Uniden MC535 Operating Manual

Vhf marine radio
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Caution: The MC535 will operate only with nominal 12 volt negative
ground battery systems.

Selecting a Location

Before choosing a location for your new MC535, review these guidelines:
Carefully consider the unit's electrical and mechanical mounting
requirements, as well as your accessability needs.
Select a location that allows free air flow around the heat sink in
the back of the radio.
Select a location that is free from spray and splash and doesn't
expose your radio to direct sunlight.
Keep the battery leads as short as possible, and for best results
connect directly to the battery. If the supplied power lead isn't
long enough to reach the battery, extensions should be made
with at least #10 AWG wire.
Choose a location for the radio and auxillary speaker (if
installed) that is away from the ship's compass.

Antenna Considerations

Many different antennas are available for your radio. We recommend that
you consult your Uniden dealer in determining a suitable antenna for your
vessel and range requirements.
In general when choosing or installing your antenna, consider these
The range increases with a high-gain antenna placed as high as
possible above the water line.
The antenna should not have an excessively long coaxial feed
The antenna should be located away from metal objects.
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