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JVC GY-DV550E Quick Manual page 6

Studio dv camcorder with full ccu control 26-pin interface
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High-quality performance
DV recording on a MiniDV tape
The GY-DV550E combines the convenience and
affordability of MiniDV with the high-quality camera
performance you need for professional use. Up to 80
minutes* of high-quality 8-bit, 13.5 kHz, 4:2:0 DV
component digital images can be recorded on a single
MiniDV tape, assuring you the high-quality, non-
degradable images you need for top results in post-
production editing. Outstanding horizontal resolution of
1 /2" 3-CCD DV Camcorder
with Full CCU Control
26-Pin Interface
High-quality PCM digital audio
To complement its superior pictures, the GY-DV550E
offers outstanding digital PCM sound. Audio signals are
locked with video signals for smooth editing. You can
choose from two 16-bit 48-kHz channels or two 12-bit,
32-kHz channels with a dynamic range of more than 85 dB.
Three XLR connectors provide line or microphone input
level with selectable phantom power, while three audio
REC level
controls on the
front and the
side can be
used to adjust
the recording level.
Letterbox 16:9
The screen can be switched between 4:3 and 16:9,
allowing you to record signals with the aspect ratio
appropriate to the application.
800 lines is achieved at not
only the camera output but
also at the video signal
outputs including the 26-pin
*With an MDV-80 tape.
Tape pattern
Sub code area
Video area
Audio area
Tape running direction
1 /2" 3-CCD image pickup
To ensure the best possible image quality, the GY-
DV550E incorporates three 1/2" 440,00 active pixel
interline-transfer CCDs. Each CCD is equipped with
highly advanced circuitry that
virtually eliminates vertical smear
when shooting bright lights in a
dark room. Lag and image burn
are also reduced to indiscernible
levels, while high sensitivity of F11 at 2000 lux assures
creative flexibility and simplifies lighting requirements.
LOLUX 0.75 lux
When activated, the LOLUX
mode increases sensitivity with
almost no increase in noise.
LOLUX lets you shoot in low light
conditions, so you can capture
high-quality video
footage with excellent
colour balance at just
0.75 lux illumination.
User-friendly design
Super Scene Finder (SSF™)
A JVC exclusive, Super Scene Finder lets you log scenes automatically or manually in
the field while shooting, and optionally mark the best ones. The SSF data for the last six
tapes is retained in the camcorder's non-volatile memory. Data for up to 134 scenes
may be permanently stored on the head of the corresponding tape. The camcorder
possesses an RS-232 port for controlling the tape mechanism and downloading the
scene data to a PC running logging software. Super Scene finder dramatically speeds
up and simplifies not only the production, but also the NLE transfer process and saves
disk space, because you digitise only those scenes you need for editing.
Viewfinder status display
The viewfinder status display uses characters and menus to display selected
information in the viewfinder. For example, 4:3 or 16:9 safe area, time code/tape
remain, F stop, battery condition, shutter speed, zebra pattern for skin detail and
brightness indication are all displayed, as well as various events, camera setting status,
recorder operation, and selected setup parameters.
Convenient menu dial
Quickly and easily navigate through the viewfinder menu or set the shutter speed with
the convenient menu point and click dial.
Bi-colour tally lamp
The tally lamp flashes during preroll and lights when the camcorder is in the record
mode. The tally lamp lights green when the camera is selected on the preview bus and
red when it's selected on the programme bus. You can switch the lamp on or off as
Back-lit LCD display
Clear and easy–to-see even in the dark, this display shows operation status and
warning indicators including audio level indicators, remaining tape/battery power display,
time code reader/generator indication, menu setting and time date display.
Intercom function
Compatible with carbon or dynamic headset microphones, this function can be switched
on and off as required.
Professional camera features
Full auto shooting
Precision "accu-focus" mode
Automatic level control (ALC)
Variable scan view
in phantom microphone power
Adjustable detail frequency
Time code reader/generator
Time/date stamp
Lolux ON
Continuous auto black (CAB)
Black stretch/compress
Adjustable gamma point
Skin tone detection
Auto knee



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