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System Flexibility - JVC GY-DV550E Quick Manual

Studio dv camcorder with full ccu control 26-pin interface
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System flexibility

26-pin interface
The GY-DV550E is the only DV camcorder in the world
to offer full CCU control. With its 26-pin interface, the
1 /2" 3-CCD DV Camcorder
with Full CCU Control
26-Pin Interface
GY-DV550E can be used in a studio environment where
multiple remote camera and ISO-Cam operations are
required. This interface allows the user to connect a
remote controller or external data storage system. In
addition, recording on DV benefits customers who use
this system either in live broadcast situations, live
webcasting, or ENG applications, as well as
assignments where post-production work is required
later. Because you can take advantage of its superior
picture and sound performance in a studio environment,
DV makes it possible to put together a fully digital end-to-
end system that's reliable and cost-efficient.
Ready for EFP
remote control (RM-LP57 /LP55)
The EFP connects
directly to the GY-
DV550E, giving you the
ability to adjust video
parameters at any time
during the production.
EBU TC input/output
EBU TC connectors are
provided, allowing you to
synchronise simultaneous
shooting with multiple
Genlock input
To meet increasing demand for a
digital camcorder that can easily be
incorporated in complex production
systems, the GY-DV550E is
equipped with a genlocking function
that includes SC lock to ensure high-resolution pictures.
AUX input (composite video input)
For added convenience, the genlock input connector
doubles as a composite video input, so you can use the
GY-DV550E as a standard video recorder. This
connector can be used for camera pool applications as
Return video output for
TelePrompTer output
The GY-DV550E can display
return video signals
from the CCU or an
external VTR on the
viewfinder or
signals from
the camera
control unit may
be output via a BNC
assuring full support for studio programme production.
1 /2" bayonet lens mount
The GY-DV550E uses a
standard professional 1/2"
bayonet lens mount, making it
compatible with
the widest
selection of



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