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JVC GY-DV550E Quick Manual page 5

Studio dv camcorder with full ccu control 26-pin interface
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IEEE 1394 (Firewire) input/output
compatible with most NLE systems
This allows high-quality compressed digital video signal
transfer directly to a computer, a non-linear editing
system, or to another DV recorder. Producers can now
digitally spool directly to a non-linear editing platform
without loss, and then transfer the finished product
directly back to video tape using the camera alone.
DV Interface
DV (IEEE1394) connector
Using the 26-pin camera cable, you can connect the GY-
DV550E to a portable recorder for backup in the
field or to a camera remote controller for use in
Portable recorder
Backup recording
Camera remote controller
Camera control
Full CCU control
The GY-DV550E is the industry's first DV camcorder to offer
full CCU control (including Iso-Cam operation), allowing you
to use it as the base for a full-fledged studio system.
Connectable CCUs
*1 Iso-Cam capability is not available when the VF-P400 is used. This capability is available using a standard local power supply.
*2 Iso-Cam capability is not available when the transmission distance exceeds 200 m.
RM-P210 camera remote controller
camera cable
Attached VF
VF-P115 (1.5 inches) 100 m (328 ft) 100 m (328 ft) 300 m (656 ft)
VF-P400 (4 inches)
This capability is available using a standard local power supply.
Internal adjustment is required depending on the transmission distance. Please contact your JVC dealer for details.
Allows remote operation of the GY-DV550E camcorder
from a distance of up to
100 meters (328 ft.)
Accepts JVC or Sony 26-pin CCU cables when used in
combination with the GY-DV550E
Full access to camera menus, function controls and camera
setup parameters
Dynamic or carbon equivalent RTS/2-wire compatible intercom
Front panel built-in genlock controls
Serial data communications for more reliable and accurate
communications between the camera and RCU
Multiple outputs (R/G/B component for computer graphics and
keying, plus Y/R-Y/B-Y component for system or Y/C358 for
Gain select switch with variable gain function
4 programmable function buttons for quick access to menu items
LCD read out at the base station for easy menu navigation and
simple operation
Maximum transmission distance
100 m (328 ft) 100 m (328 ft) 300 m (656 ft)



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