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Cleaning And Care - Electrolux EHGC93CI User Manual

Electrolux gas cooktop
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Cleaning and care
Ensure the appliance is off and cool before cleaning.
Enamel (on burner skirts and trivets)
Persistent stains may require rubbing with a nylon scourer
or creamed powder cleansers. Household enamel cleaners
are available, follow the manufacturer's instructions in their
use. Harsh abrasive cleaners, powder cleaners, steel
wool or wax polishes should not be used.
Stainless steel (model EHGF93CX)
Simply wipe with a soft cloth using warm water and a mild
detergent and rinse with clean water. Where stainless steel
has become extremely dirty or discoloured, use a stainless
steel cleaner – but be sure to follow the brushing lines.
Do noT use abrasive cleaners or harsh solvents.
Ceramic glass (model EHGC93CI)
The specially treated glass in the product is manufactured
using the latest technology to the highest possible
standards for both safety and reliability. However, it must be
remembered that as it is CERAMIC GLASS, it may break.
Treat it accordingly. To clean the ceramic glass hob use a
soft cloth or sponge with detergent and warm water.
If the surface is cracked, switch off the appliance
immediately to avoid the possibility of electric shock.
If the hob is very soiled:
1. Remove soilage using the razor blade scraper.
2. Use a hob cleaner product after there has been
sufficient time allowed for the hob to cool. Shake the
bottle and apply a small quantity of cleaner directly onto
the hob. Rub clean using a damp cloth or paper towels.
3. Use a damp cloth to remove all remaining traces of the
cleaner, which could otherwise burn on when the hob is
next used. Wipe the hob dry.
Use the scraper supplied to remove spillages
immediately, while the hob is still hot! Especially sugar
and foods with a high sugar content (eg. jam), melted
plastics and foil, all of which can damage the hob if left.
Razor blade scraper
Use the scraper to remove spillages from the ceramic hob.
electrolux gas cooktops cleaning and care 4
How to use the razor blade scraper:
1. Pull back the protective cover until the blade is visible.
2. Make sure that the razor blade is clean and not worn.
There is a risk, otherwise, that it might damage the hob.
New razor blades can be bought from pharmacies.
3. Angle scraper at approx. 45° and scrape away the
spillage. The razor blade can be pressed down hard
onto the hob without causing any damage.
4. Carefully clean the blade by wiping it with a paper towel.
5. When you have finished, press the protective cover
forwards as far as it will go. Keep the scraper out of the
reach of children.
Changing the razor blade:
1. Open the scraper by completely unscrewing the screw
and then place the new razor blade at the front edge.
2. Put the scraper together again and screw the screw
back into place.
3. Press the protective cover forwards as far as it will go to
cover the razor blade.
razor blade scraper carefully, as the razor blade is
extremely sharp.
Trivets and burners
These can all be lifted off and removed for separate
NOTE! When refitting the burners, ensure that they are
correctly seated.
Ensure burners are thoroughly dried after cleaning or
spillage. When cleaning the burners, ensure that all the
flame ports are free of any blockage. If necessary, use a
toothpick or brush to clear ports. The outer surface of the
burner caps have a polished finish and extra care needs to
be taken to avoid scratching this surface during cleaning. In
instances of heavy soiling, it may be necessary to apply a
non-abrasive cleaning compound and rub with a cloth until
the soiling is removed and then finish with a soft, dry cloth.
NOTE! DO NOT place trivets or burners in the dishwasher.
Ignition spark plug and flame safeguard sensor
GEnTLY clean the ignition spark plug and flame safeguard
sensor with a damp cloth to avoid lighting difficulties.
Ensure that they are dry before use.
Ensure the injector remains free of any foreign material.
If necessary, use a thin piece of wire to clear the orifice.



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