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Electrolux EHGC64AS User Manual

Gas cooktops
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EHGC64AS

  • Page 1 (EHGC64AS, EHGC95AS) (ESD24HRA, ESD30HRA)
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Congratulations Congratulations and thank you for choosing our gas cooktop. We are sure you will find your new cooktop a pleasure to use and a great asset to your cooking. Before you use the cooktop, we recommend that you read through the whole user manual which provides the description of the cooktop and its functions.
  • Page 3 Ceramic glass gas hob Figure 1 1. removable cast iron trivet standard 2. removable cast iron trivet centre (EHGC95AS only) 3. removable wok trivet 4. burner caps – each unit has a small, medium, large (2 for EHGC95AS) and wok burner (see figure 2) 5.
  • Page 4: General Warnings

    1 General Warnings Please read the user manual carefully and store in a handy caution place for later reference. Pass the user manual on to possible new owners of the cooktop. Read the following carefully to avoid an electric The symbols you will see in this booklet have these shock or fire.
  • Page 5: Using Your Cooktop

    2 electrolux e:line gas cooktops installation Using your cooktop Installation Controls • An authorised person must install this appliance and Each burner is controlled by a control knob. The markings on MUST provide a certificate of compliance. the control panel indicate which burner the knob controls, and •...
  • Page 6: Burners

    3 Burners Choice of burner Figure 4 For your convenience there is a choice of burners – Choice of flame height • A small burner for special low heat and slow cooking. • A medium burner for normal cooking and simmering.
  • Page 7: Cleaning And Care

    4 electrolux e:line gas cooktops cleaning and care Cleaning and care caution caution Use the scraper supplied to remove spillages Ensure the appliance is off and cool before cleaning. immediately, while the hob is still hot! Especially sugar and foods with a high sugar content (eg. jam), melted Enamel plastics and foil, all of which can damage the hob if left.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    5 Troubleshooting If you have a problem with the cooktop, check the table below. You may be able to solve the problem and this will save you from paying for a service call. You will have to pay for a service call even in the warranty period if the problem is one listed below.
  • Page 9: Technical Data

    6 electrolux e:line gas cooktops technical data Technical data We reserve the right to alter these specifications. This appliance conforms to AS 4551. Table 2 Features EHGC64AS EHGC95AS Cooking zones Yes, triple ring Yes, triple ring Ignition 220-240V 220-240V Trivet...
  • Page 10: Installation Instructions

    7 Installation instructions This appliance must be installed by an authorised person 3. The particular instructions as given below. Before and in compliance with: commencing installation check to ensure that the appliance gas type given on the data plate on the 1.
  • Page 11: Installation Procedure

    8 electrolux e:line gas cooktops installation Installation procedure 1. The bench cutout should be made as per ‘BENCH Figure 6 Combustible surface CUTOUT SIZE’ table (Figure 5). 2. Adjacent walls, cupboards and protection for combustible materials: Ensure that the appliance 110mm is installed with Section 5.12.1 of AS 5601 (AG 601)
  • Page 12: Gas Connection

    9 Gas connection Checking the gas supply This appliance is supplied for use with Natural Gas. 1. Check the manometer zero point is correct. However, it can be converted for use with Propane or 2.
  • Page 13: Lp Conversion

    10 electrolux e:line gas cooktops LP Gas Conversion LP Conversion – Important This appliance is fitted with Natural Gas 5. Refit the turret cover nut assembly to the regulator turret burner injectors. ensuring that it is fully screwed down. The regulator is now set for connection to LP.
  • Page 14: Electrical Connection

    11 Electrical connection (220-240 Volts) Under these conditions the outlet pressure should not The appliance is supplied with a standard 10 Amp vary from the nominal outlet pressure of 2.60kPa by more service cord terminated by a 3-pin plug for connection the +0.52kPa.
  • Page 15: Testing Appliance Operation

    12 electrolux e:line gas cooktops installation/testing the appliance Testing appliance operation After installation, test the appliance and ensure that it Figure 10 operates correctly before handing it over to the customer. The following procedure is recommended: 1. Turn on the gas and electricity supply and attempt...
  • Page 16: Warranty

    To the extent and conditions, repair or replace any parts which it considers to permitted by law, the liability of Electrolux (if any) arising out of or be defective. You agree that any replaced Appliances or parts in relation to the Appliance or any services supplied by Electrolux become the property of Electrolux.
  • Page 18 Do you remember the last time you opened a gift that made you say “Oh! How did you know? That’s exactly what I wanted!” That’s the kind of feeling that the designers at Electrolux seek to evoke in everyone who chooses or uses one of our products. We devote time, knowledge, and a great deal of thought to anticipating and creating the kind of appliances that our customers really need and want.

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