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Cleaning And Care Of Glass Ceramics Surfaces; Basic Principles; Food That Has Spilled Over; Burned-In Sugar - Electrolux 6000 K Instructions For Use Manual

Fitted glass ceramic cooking units
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Cleaning and Care

Basic Principles

1. Clean the cooking surface thoroughly before using it for the first time; thereafter
clean it regularly.
2. Never use aggressive cleaning agents, such as coarse scrubbing agents or
scratchy pot cleaners.
3. Thoroughly clean the entire cooking area once a week. Use "Sidol-Edelstahl-
glanz", "Stahl-Fix" or "WK-Top". Then wipe the entire cooking area with an adequate
amount of clear water and rub it dry again using a clean cloth. Be sure that no
remnants of cleaning agent are left on the surface! The cooking area might
otherwise suffer damage.
4. Use only recommended cleaning agents.
Burned-in Sugar, Melted Plastic
These must be removed at once - while still hot - using a razor-blade scraper, as
otherwise damage can occur. The area should then be cleaned as described under
point 3. You can avert damage caused by sugar or sugar-containing dishes by treating
your glass ceramics cooking area with Collo-Profi or Carafix.

Food that has Spilled Over

This should first be wiped away using a damp
cloth. Any remnants should be scraped off
carefully using a razor-blade scraper. Then
clean the area as described under point 3.
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