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Testing Appliance Operation - Electrolux EHGC93CI User Manual

Electrolux gas cooktop
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13 electrolux gas cooktops testing the appliance
Testing appliance operation
After installation, test the appliance and ensure that it
operates correctly before handing it over to the customer.
The following procedure is recommended:
1. Turn on the gas and electricity supply and attempt
ignition on all burners, both separately and in
combination. (For correct procedure refer to page 3
Lighting Burners). Note that additional time needs to
be allowed for the initial lighting as air has to be purged
from the pipes.
2. Observe the flame appearance on each burner
(Figure 11). If it is much larger or much smaller than
expected, the injector size and supply pressure require
checking. Where a flame is unsatisfactory, refer to the
Troubleshooting Guide (page 5) to correct the fault. If
the Troubleshooting Guide does not solve the problem,
call the Service Centre.
3. When all the foregoing is satisfactory, check the
turndown (minimum or low) setting on each burner,
as this may need adjustment. Valves have a bypass
controlling screw, which may be accessed by removing
the knob. This screw will be located on a particular area
of the valve (refer Figure 12). Normally, this will have
been correctly set at the factory for use on Natural Gas
(NG) and should not require adjustment.
tips and information
If the appliance has been converted to LPG, then the
bypass screw will HAVE to be screwed in until a small,
stable flame results.
Please ensure the supply pressure has been
checked PRIoR to any adjustment.
4. If the appliance cannot be adjusted to perform safely
inform the customer of the problem and affix an
appropriate warning notice to the appliance. If the fault
appears to be dangerous the appliance should be
disconnected. If a minor fault exists, the customer may
wish to use the appliance while awaiting service.
If a fault cannot be fixed, please call the Service Centre.
5. The customer should be advised that, in the event
of a fault, the local service organisation or the retailer
from whom the appliance was purchased should be
6. When satisfied that the unit is operating correctly, turn
off and instruct the customer on correct operation as
outlined in this booklet. Ask the customer to operate
the controls to ensure that the correct procedure is
Servicing must only be carried out by an authorised
service person.
Injector sizes required for various gas types are shown in
Table 3 (page 10). The appliance test point pressure for
each gas type is also shown.
For model identification after installation, an additional data
plate sticker has been provided. This sticker is to be stuck
onto adjacent cabinetry.
Figure 11
Flame size adjusted to maximum
Flame size adjusted to minimum
Figure 12
Bypass screw



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