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Electrolux EHT6047X User Manual

Gas cooktop
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EHT6047X

  • Page 2 CONGRATULATIONS CONTENTS Congratulations and thank you for choosing our Gas Cooktop. We are sure you will find your new appliance a pleasure to use and a great asset to your cooking. Before you use the appliance, we recommend that you read through the whole user manual which provides a description of the product and its functions.
  • Page 3: General Safety

    general safety Read the following carefully to avoid an electric NOTE: You must read these warnings carefully before shock or fire installing or using the cooktop. If you need assistance, contact your Customer Care Department. The manufacturer General warnings will not accept liability should the instructions below, or any This appliance is not intended for use by persons other safety instructions incorporated in this book, be ignored.
  • Page 4: Lighting Burners

    using your cooktop using your cooktop Hotplates warning WARNING Choice of hotplate DO NOT spray aerosols in the vicinity of this appliance while it is Hotplates warning For your convenience there is a choice of hotplates: WARNING in operation as aerosols can contain flammable propellants. Choice of hotplate DO NOT spray aerosols in the vicinity of this appliance while it is A small burner for special low heat and slow cooking.
  • Page 5: Using Your Cooktop

    using your cooktop...
  • Page 6: Troubleshooting

    troubleshooting If you have a problem with the cooktop, check the table below. You may be able to solve the problem and this will save you from paying for a service call. You will have to pay for a service call even in the warranty period if the problem is one listed below.
  • Page 7: Installation Procedure

    installation Table 2 Cooktop dimensions Square Rectangular Figure 4 width (mm) depth (mm) height (mm) Cut-out dimensions width (mm) depth (mm) 37mm 130mm min 130mm min This appliance must be installed by an authorised person and in compliance with: 490mm 570mm 1.
  • Page 8 installation Figure 4. Fitting the cooktop into the bench. Carry out as follows. Place the rubber seal provided around the edge of the hob. NOTE: The rubber seal has talc powder applied to it’s surface which should be wiped off with a damp cloth after the unit has been installed.
  • Page 9 The battery used is a 1.5 Volt ‘AA’ Battery. This supplies the power for the ignition system of the cooktop. To install, follow the safety instructions as shown on Figure 9 below. NOTE: Pay special attention to the orientation of the battery when installing.
  • Page 10 esting appliance operation After installation, test the appliance and ensure that it operates correctly before handing it over to the customer. The Injector sizes required for various gas types are shown in following procedure is recommended: Table 3. The appliance inlet pressure for each gas type is also shown.
  • Page 11 notes NOTES Gas Cooktops...
  • Page 12 Care Center...