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Helpful Hints And Tips; Care And Cleaning - Electrolux EHG30830 User Manual

Electrolux gas hob
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8 electrolux
Important! In the absence of electricity you
can ignite the burner without electrical
device; in this case approach the burner
with a flame, push the relevant knob down
and turn it counter-clockwise to maximum
gas release position.
If the burner accidentally goes out, turn
the control knob to the off position and
try to light the burner again after mini-
mum 1 minute.
The spark generator can start automat-
ically when you switch on the mains,


Energy savings
• If possible, always put the lids on the
• When the liquid starts to boil, turn down
the flame to barely simmer the liquid.
Warning! Use pots and pans with
diameter applicable to the dimension of
Do not use cooking vessels on the hot-
plate that overlap its edges.
Triple Crown
Do not simmer for a long time with cast
iron pans and potstones.
Warning! Do not put the aluminium foil
on the hob top to keep the surface
clean during the cooking
Warning! Pots must not enter the
control zone.


Warning! Switch the appliance off and
let it cool down before you clean it.
Disconnect the appliance from the
electrical supply, before carrying out
any cleaning or maintenance work.
Warning! For safety reasons, do not
clean the appliance with steam
cleaners or high-pressure cleaners.
Warning! Do not use abrasive
cleaners, steel wool pads or acids, they
can cause damage to the appliance.
Diameters of cookware
160 - 240 mm
after installation or a power cut. It is
Turning the burner off
To put the flame out, turn the knob to the
Warning! Always turn the flame down
or switch it off before you remove the
pans of the burner.
Warning! Make sure pot handles do
not protrude over the front edge of the
cooktop and that pots are centrally
positioned on the rings in order to
achieve maximum stability and to
obtain lower gas consumption.
Do not place unstable or deformed pots on
the rings to prevent from spill and injury.
Warning! Flame diffuser are not
Information on acrylamides
Important! According to the newest
scientific knowledge, if you brown food
(specially the one which contains starch),
acrylamides can pose a health risk. Thus,
we recommend that you cook at the lowest
temperatures and do not brown food too
Scratches or dark stains on the surface
have no effect on how the appliance
• You can remove the pan supports to
easily clean the hob.
• To clean the enamelled parts, cap and
crown, wash it with warm soapy water
and dry it carefully before you put them
• Stainless steel parts wash with water,
and then dry with a soft cloth.
• The pan supports are not dishwasher
proof; they must be washed by hand.



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