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Electrolux EHG30830 User Manual page 3

Electrolux gas hob
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• Use only the accessories supplied with
• Be careful when you connect the appli-
ance to the near sockets. Do not let elec-
tricity bonds touch the appliance or hot
cookware. Do not let electricity bonds
• You must read these instructions.
The manufacturer is not responsible
for any injury to persons and pets or
damage to property caused by failure
to obey these requirements.
• To prevent the risks of structural
damage or physical injury, installa-
tion, connection of the appliance to
the power supply and gas system,
setting up and maintenance must on-
ly be done by qualified personnel in
compliance with standards and local
regulation force.
• Make sure that the appliance is not dam-
aged because of transport. Do not con-
nect a damaged appliance. If it is neces-
sary, speak to the supplier.
• Only use built-in appliances after you as-
semble the appliance into correct built-in
units and work surfaces that obey the
• Do not install the hob over a domestic
appliances if the installation instructions
do not allow it.
• Install the appliance only on a worktop
with flat surface.
• Do not change the specifications or mod-
ify this product. There is the risk of injury
and damage to the appliance.
• Fully obey the laws, ordinances, direc-
tives and standards in force in the coun-
try where you use the appliance (safety
regulations, recycling regulations, electri-
cal safety rules etc.)
• Keep the minimum distances to other ap-
pliances and units.
• Install anti-shock protection, for example
install the drawers only with a protective
panel directly below the appliance.
• Prevent damage of the cut surfaces of
the worktop against moisture with a cor-
rect sealant.
• Seal the appliance to the worktop with no
space left with a correct sealant.
• Prevent damage to the bottom of the ap-
pliance from steam and moisture, e.g.
from a dishwasher or oven.
• Do not install the appliance adjacent to
doors and below windows. Hot cook-
ware can be hit off the hob when you
open the doors or windows.
• Before installation, make sure that the lo-
cal supply conditions (gas type and pres-
sure) agree with the adjustment of appli-
ance. The adjustment conditions for the
appliance are on the rating plate, which
you can find near the gas supply pipe.
• This appliance is not connected to a
combustion products evacuation device.
It must be installed and connected in ac-
cordance with current installation regula-
tions. Particular attention must be given
to the relevant requirements regarding
• The use of a gas cooking appliance
cause heat and moisture in the room
in which it is installed. Make sure
that the ventilation in the kitchen is
good: keep natural ventilation holes
open or install a mechanical ventila-
tion device (mechanical extractor
• More ventilation (for example open-
ing of a window or increasing the lev-
el of mechanical ventilation where
present) is necessary when you oper-
ate the appliance with intensity for a
long time.
• Carefully obey the instructions for electri-
cal connections. There is the risk of injury
from electrical current.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
electrical supply, before you do the
maintenance work or you clean it.
• The electrical mains terminal is live.
• Make electrical mains terminal free of
• Install correctly to give anti-shock protec-
• A loose and incorrect mains plug and
socket connections can make the termi-
nal become too hot.
• A qualified electrician must install the
clamping connections correctly.
• Use a strain relief clamp on cable.
• Use the correct mains connection cable
and replace the damaged mains cable
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