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Table Of Contents; Safety Information - Electrolux EHG30830 User Manual

Electrolux gas hob
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Warning! These instructions are only
valid in the countries whose symbols
appear on this booklet's cover.
For your safety and correct operation
of the appliance, read this manual
carefully before installation and use. Al-
ways keep these instructions with the
appliance even if you move or sell it.
Users must fully know the operation
and safety features of the appliance.
General safety
Warning! Persons (including children)
with reduced physical sensory, mental
capabilities or lack of experience and
knowledge must not use the appliance.
They must have supervision or
instruction for the operation of the
appliance by a person responsible for
their safety.
Child safety
• Only adults can use this appliance. Chil-
dren must get supervision to make sure
that they do not play with the appliance.
• Keep all packaging away from children.
There is a risk of suffocation and physical
• Keep children away from the appliance
during and after the operation, until the
appliance is cold.
• Remove all packaging, stickers and the
protective layer of the stainless steel hob
panel (if present) from the appliance be-
fore first use. Do not remove the rating
plate. It can invalidate the guarantee.
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Subject to change without notice
• Set the cooking zones to the "off" posi-
tion after each use.
• Burners and accessible part become hot
during and after use. Do not put cutlery
or saucepan lids on the cooking surface.
Cookware and its contents can tip over.
There is the risk of burns.
• Too hot fats and oils can ignite very
quickly. There is the risk of fire.
• Do not leave the appliance unattended
during operation.
• Always monitor the appliance during op-
• Do not let the liquids overflow into the
holes of the top of the hob
• Do not use the hob without cookware.
• The appliance is only for domestic use.
Do not use the appliance for commercial
and industrial use.
• Only use the appliance for domestic
cooking tasks. This is to prevent physical
injury to persons or prevent damage to
• Use only cookware with diameter appli-
cable to the dimensions of burners. There
is a risk of overheating and rupture of the
glass plate (if applicable).
• Do not use a pan with diameter smaller
than burner dimension - flames will heat
up the pan handle.
• Pots must not enter the control zone.
• Do not use not stable cookware to pre-
vent from tilt and accident.
• Do not put flammable products or items
that are wet with flammable products,
and/or fusible objects (made of plastic or
aluminium) and/or fabrics in, near or on
the appliance. There is the risk of explo-
sion or fire.



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