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Operating Modes; Scan Mode - HP Wireless Barcode Scanner User Manual

Wireless barcode scanner
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Operating Modes

Scan Mode

The imager can be set to operate in one of several scanning modes. See the HP Wireless Barcode
Scanner Programming Reference Guide (PRG) for more information and settings for any of the
Trigger Single (Default): This mode is associated with typical handheld scanner operation. Motion
Sense is active and if the scanner detects motion the aiming pattern is turned on. When the trigger is
pulled, illumination is turned on and the scanner attempts to read a label. Scanning is activated until
one of the following occurs:
the programmable "maximum scan on time"
a label has been read
the trigger is released
Trigger Pulse Multiple: Scanning begins when the trigger is pulled and continues after the trigger is
released, until the trigger is pulled again or until the programmable "maximum scan on time"
elapsed. Reading a label does not disable scanning. Double Read Timeout
multiple reads while in this mode.
Trigger Hold Multiple: When the trigger is pulled, scanning starts and the product scans until the
trigger is released or "maximum scan on time"
scanning. Double Read Timeout
Always On — The illuminator is always ON and the scanner is always ready for code reading.
Double Read Timeout
Flashing — The scanner illuminator flashes on and off regardless of the trigger status. Code reading
takes place only during the Flash On
See the PRG for these and other programmable features.
Controlled by Flash On Time and Flash Off Time. Use the PRG to program these options.
Stand Mode: In Stand Mode, the illumination remains on for a configurable amount of time after a
good read occurs. The scanner exits stand mode when movement is detected. If the trigger is
activated from stand mode, the scanner transitions into one of the triggered modes.
Pick Mode: Specifies a Decoding and Transmission process where bar codes that are not within the
configurable distance from the center of the aiming pattern are not acknowledged or transmitted to
the host. Pick Mode is active only while the scanner is in Trigger Single mode. If the scanner switches
to a different Read Mode, Pick Mode is automatically disabled.
Figure 6-1
prevents undesired multiple reads while in this mode.
prevents undesired multiple reads.
has elapsed
has elapsed. Reading a label does not disable
time. Double Read Timeout
prevents undesired
prevents undesired multiple reads.
Scan Mode

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