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Daily Use - AEG BE5003001 User Manual

Aeg oven
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Table of Contents
Setting the time of day
After the software version goes off, the display shows
1. Press
2. Press
automatically after 5 seconds).
The display shows
3. Press
4. Press
automatically after 5 seconds) .
The Temperature/Time display shows new time.
Changing the time of day
You can change the time of day only if the oven is off.
. The set time and symbol
dure "Setting the time of day".


Refer to "Safety information" chapter.
To use the appliance, press the control knob. The control knob comes out.
Activating and deactivating the appliance
1. Turn the oven functions control knob to select an oven function.
2. Turn the temperature control knob
3. To deactivate the appliance turn the oven functions control knob to off position ("0") .
Knob symbol, indicator or lamp (depends on the model - refer to the appliance
• The indicator comes on when the oven heats up.
• The lamp comes on when the appliance operates.
• The symbol shows whether the knob controls one of the cooking zones, the oven func-
tions or the temperature.
Oven Functions
to set current hour.
to confirm (necessary only for first the setting, later new time will be saved
and set hour. "00" flashes.
to set current minutes.
to confirm (necessary only for first the setting, later new time will be saved
Oven function
Fast Heat Up
True Fan Cooking
flash in the display. To set new time use the proce-
to set a temperature.
To decreases the heat-up time.
To bake maximum on three oven levels at the same time.
Decrease the oven temperatures (20-40 °C) compared
with Conventional. And to dry food.
Daily use
and "12:00". "12" flashes.


Table of Contents

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