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AEG BE3002001 User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for AEG BE3002001

  • Page 1 BE3002001 EN OVEN USER MANUAL...
  • Page 2 Please spend a few minutes reading to get the very best from it. ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLES In the AEG webshop, you’ll find everything you need to keep all your AEG appliances looking spotless and working perfectly. Along with a wide range of...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents CONTENTS 4 Safety information 7 Product description 8 Before first use 9 Daily use 10 Clock functions 10 Using the accessories 13 Additional functions 13 Helpful hints and tips 22 Care and cleaning 25 What to do if… 26 Installation 27 Environment concerns 28 GREAT BRITAIN &...
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety information SAFETY INFORMATION Before the installation and use, read this manual carefully: • For your personal safety and the safety of your property • For the respect of the environment • For the correct operation of the appliance. Always keep these instructions with the appliance also if you move or sell it. The manufacturer is not responsible if incorrect installation or use results in damage.
  • Page 5: Electrical Connection

    Safety information • Make sure that the appliance is installed below and adjacent safe structures. • Keep the minimum distances to the other appliances and units. • The appliance cannot be positioned on a base. • Built in ovens and built in cooking surfaces are attached with special connection sys- tem.
  • Page 6: Care And Cleaning

    Safety information Care and cleaning • Before maintenance, switch off the appliance and disconnect the appliance from the power supply. • Before maintenance, make sure that the appliance is cold. There is the risk of burns. There is the risk that the glass panels can break. •...
  • Page 7: Product Description

    Product description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION General overview Control panel Control knob for oven functions Power indicator Electronic programmer Control knob for temperature Temperature indicator Core temperature sensor socket Heating element Lamp Rear wall heating element Bottom heat Shelf rails, removable Shelf positions Oven accessories •...
  • Page 8: Before First Use

    Before first use Use the inlay grid only with the roasting pan. • Nonstick oven shelf For cookware, cake tins, roasts. • Core Temperature Sensor To measure how far the meat is cooked. BEFORE FIRST USE WARNING! Refer to "Safety information" chapter. Initial Cleaning •...
  • Page 9: Daily Use

    Daily use Refer to chapter "Care and Cleaning". Setting the time The oven operates only after time is set. When you connect the appliance to the electrical supply or in case of a power cut, the Time function indicator flashes automatically. Proceed to step 2. 1.
  • Page 10: Clock Functions

    Clock functions Oven function Application Defrost To defrost frozen food. Grilling To grill flat food in the middle of the grill and to toast. Fast Grilling To grill flat food in large quantities and to toast. Turbo Grilling To roast larger joints of meat or poultry on one level. Also for browning food e.g.
  • Page 11: Installing The Oven Accessories

    Using the accessories There are two temperatures to be set: • The oven temperature: See Roasting Table • The core temperature: See Core temperature sensor Table Only use the core temperature sensor supplied or genuine replacement parts WARNING! The core temperature sensor is hot! Risk of burns! Be careful when you remove the tip and plug of the core temperature sensor.
  • Page 12: Combi Tray

    Using the accessories Installing the oven shelf and (deep) roasting pan together Put the oven shelf on the (deep) roasting pan. Push the (deep) roasting pan between the guide- bars of one of the oven levels. Combi Tray The combi tray includes the inlay grid and the roasting pan. You can use the inlay grid on the two sides.
  • Page 13: Additional Functions

    Additional functions ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Cooling fan When the appliance operates, the cooling fan activates automatically to keep the surfa- ces of the appliance cool. If you deactivate the appliance, the cooling fan can continue to operate until the appliance cools down. HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS Inner side of door In some models on the inner side of the oven door you can find:...
  • Page 14 Helpful hints and tips Cakes/pastries/breads on baking trays Type of baking Oven function Oven level Temperature °C Time Hours:Mins. Plaited bread/ Conventional 170-190 0:30-0:40 bread crown Cooking Christmas stollen Conventional 0:50-1:10 160-180 Cooking Bread (rye bread) 1. First part of baking proc- 0:20 Conventional...
  • Page 15: Multileveled Baking

    Helpful hints and tips Type of baking Oven function Oven level Temperature °C Time Hours:Mins. Short bread/ Pas- Conventional 0:20-0:30 try Stripes Cooking Biscuits made with sponge mix- True Fan Cooking 150-160 0:15-0:20 ture Pastries made with egg white, True Fan Cooking 80-100 2:00-2:30 merungues...
  • Page 16: Tips On Baking

    Helpful hints and tips True Fan Cooking True Fan Cooking Time Type of baking Shelf positions from bottom Temperature in °C Hours:Mins. 2 levels 3 levels Biscuits made with sponge mix- 160-170 0:25-0:40 ture Biscuits made with egg white, 80-100 2:10-2:50 meringues Macaroons...
  • Page 17: Roasting With Turbo Grill

    Helpful hints and tips Bakes and gratins Dish Oven function Shelf position Temperature °C Time Hours:Mins. Conventional Pasta bake 180-200 0:45-1:00 Cooking Conventional Lasagne 180-200 0:25-0:40 Cooking Vegetables au Turbo Grill or 160-170 0:15-0:30 gratin True Fan Cooking Baguettes top- Turbo Grill or ped with melted 160-170...
  • Page 18 Helpful hints and tips Veal Type of meat Quantity Oven function Shelf position Temperature Time mins. °C Roast veal 1 kg Turbo Grill 160-180 90-120 Knuckle of 1.5-2 kg Turbo Grill 160-180 120-150 veal Lamb Type of meat Quantity Oven function Shelf position Temperature Time mins.
  • Page 19 Helpful hints and tips Fish (steamed) Type of meat Quantity Oven function Shelf position Temperature Time mins. °C Whole fish 1-1.5 kg Conventional 210-220 40-60 Cooking Slow Grill Grilling time (mins.) Food to be grilled Temperature Oven level 1st side 2nd side Roast beef 210-230...
  • Page 20 Helpful hints and tips Type of baking Shelf position Temperature °C Time Mins. Unleavened bread 10 - 20 230 - 250 Puff pastry flan 45 - 55 160 - 180 Flammekuchen (Pizza- 12 - 20 230 - 250 like dish from Alsace) Piroggen (Russian ver- 15 - 25 180 - 200...
  • Page 21: Core Temperature Sensor Table

    Helpful hints and tips Fruit Oven level Time in hours Food to be dried Temperature in °C (Guideline) 1 level 2 levels Plums 60-70 8-10 Apricots 60-70 8-10 Apple slices 60-70 Pears 60-70 Core temperature sensor table Beef Food Food Core Temperature Rib steak or fillet steak: rare 45 - 50 °C Rib steak or fillet steak: medium...
  • Page 22: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning Fish Food Food Core Temperature Salmon 65 - 70 °C Trouts 65 - 70 °C Information on acrylamides Important! According to the newest scientific knowledge, if you brown food (specially the one which contains starch), acrylamides can pose a health risk. Thus, we recommend that you cook at the lowest temperatures and do not brown food too much.
  • Page 23: Oven Ceiling

    Care and cleaning 2. Pull the shelf rail from the back of the side wall to remove it. To install the shelf rail follow the procedure in reverse. Valid with telescopic runners: The retaining pins on the telescopic shelf run- ners must point to the front! Oven lamp WARNING!
  • Page 24: Oven Door And Glass Panels

    Care and cleaning Folding down the heating element 1. Remove the shelf rails. 2. Hold the heating element with the two hands at the front 3. Pull it forwards against the spring pres- sure and out along the support on both sides.
  • Page 25: What To Do If

    What to do if… 2. Hold the door t (B) on the top edge of the door at the two sides and push in- wards to release the clip seal. 3. Pull the door t to the front to remove it. 4.
  • Page 26: Installation

    Installation Model (MOD.) ......... Product number (PNC) ......... Serial number (S.N.) ......... INSTALLATION WARNING! Refer to "Safety information" chapter. The built-in unit must meet the stability requirements of DIN 68930. 560 min. 530 min. 590 min. max. R1200 mm...
  • Page 27: Environment Concerns

    Environment concerns alternativ 100 H05VV-F H05RR-F min. 1600 mm 90 º 2x3,5x25 ENVIRONMENT CONCERNS The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it should be taken to the appropriate collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Page 28: Great Britain & Ireland - Guarantee/Customer Service

    GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND - Guarantee/Customer Service product, please contact your local council, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. Packaging material The packaging material is environmentally-friendly and recyclable. Plastic parts are marked with international abbreviations such as PE, PS, etc. Dispose of the packaging ma- terial in the containers provided for this purpose at your local waste management facility.
  • Page 29:

    Customer Care Depart- Tel: (Calls may be recorded for training purposes) ment, Electrolux 08445 613 613 AEG-Electrolux 08445 611 611 Zanussi-Electrolux 08445 612 612 For Customer Service in The Republic of Ireland please contact us at the address below: Electrolux Group (Irl) Ltd, Long Mile Road, Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 (0)1 4090751, Email:
  • Page 30 Deutschland +49 180 32 26 622 Fürther Str. 246, 90429 Nürnberg Eesti +37 2 66 50 030 Pärnu mnt. 153, 11624 Tallinn España +34 902 11 63 88 Carretera M-300, Km. 29,900 Alcalá de Henares Madrid France 08 44 62 26 53 Great Britain +44 8445 616 616...
  • Page 32 892944945-A-052010...

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