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Electrolux TW SL3 M100 Operating Instruction

Electrolux tumble dryer


Operating Instructions

Tumble dryer

Electrolux TW SL3 M100
Dear Electrolux customer!
Welcome to the family of Electrolux customers.
We hope that you will have many years of use from your new
The machine has many features. To make the most of its
functions, we recommend that you read the operating
instructions before using the machine. The operating
instructions include information on how you can help protect
the environment.


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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Tumble dryer Electrolux TW SL3 M100 Dear Electrolux customer! Welcome to the family of Electrolux customers. We hope that you will have many years of use from your new machine. The machine has many features. To make the most of its functions, we recommend that you read the operating instructions before using the machine.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before using your machine for Care and cleaning the first time Cleaning the lint filter Language selection Emptying the condensed water container Safety instructions Cleaning the steamer filter Safety Cleaning the outside of the Transport/Winter storage machine Packing material Troubleshooting Recycling The machine will not start...
  • Page 3: Before Using Your Machine For The First Time

    Before using your machine for the first time Language selection You will be prompted to select the display language when you have connected your machine and start it for the first time. Do as follows: Turn the programme selector to choose from: US English, English, Svenska, Dansk, Norsk, Suomi, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Espanol, Русский, Nederlands.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions • Do not install the dryer behind doors with lock, Read the operating instructions and sliding doors or next to the doors with hinges keep them in a safe place! so that opening of the dryer door will never be hindered.
  • Page 5: Recycling

    Safety instructions Recycling This machine is manufactured and labelled for recycling. In order to prevent personal injury, the machine must be made inoperable after deciding to take it out of service. Contact your local authority for information about where and how your machine should be correctly recycled.
  • Page 6: Child Safety

    Child safety General Activating/deactivating Child-safe start WARNING! Do as follows to open the settings menu: 1. Turn off the machine using the main power Do not allow children to play with the switch. tumble dryer. 2. Press the Stop button and switch on the •...
  • Page 7: Description Of The Tumble Dryer

    Description of the tumble dryer Main power switch Lint filter Condensed water container Outer door Panel Steamer and filter Type plate...
  • Page 8: Advice And Tips Before You Tumble-Dry

    Advice and tips before you tumble-dry Here are some tips that may help you before you Static electricity begin tumble-drying. To reduce the risk of static electricity in the laundry Have the clothes been spun? after tumble drying you can: •...
  • Page 9: Tumble Drying

    Tumble drying Below are step-by-step instructions to help you achieve the best possible tumble-drying results. Sort your fabrics You will achieve the most uniform drying results if the items are made of the same type of material. Do up zips and buttons, fasten belts, sort the items and adjust the load and temperature.
  • Page 10: Select The Programme

    Tumble drying Select the programme Programme selector Display window Main power switch Stop Start Guidelines as to what specific Auto extra dry (low temperature) programmes can be used for: Energy Save. This programme is for items that The Auto extra dry, Auto dry and Auto normal dry are particularly difficult to dry, such as jeans with programmes have two temperature settings.
  • Page 11: Programme Chart

    Tumble drying Programme chart Here we present the energy and time consumption of a few different programmes. The table shows the effect of using different spin speeds when washing the load. Consumption can vary depending on room temperature, humidity, load, variations in the power supply and selected options. For the consumption values given below, the requirements are as follows: Temperature of intake air: 23 °C...
  • Page 12: Press The Start Button

    Tumble drying Press the Start button Remaining drying time An estimate of the remaining drying time will be shown on the display a few minutes after the drying programme starts. For example, "1:35" means that it will take approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes for the load to dry.
  • Page 13: Drying Programme Finished

    Tumble drying Drying programme finished The condensed water is decalcified and can be used in steam irons. Pour it through a coffee The compressor's cooling fan continues to filter. run after the programme finishes, but stops automatically or when any button/knob is Automatic emptying activated.
  • Page 14: Settings

    Settings You can carry out the following settings • Language • Child-safe • Audible Volume How to choose the settings: Do as follows to open the settings menu: 1. Turn off the machine using the main power switch. 2. Press the Stop button and switch on the machine with the main power switch. Then press the Stop button 5 times within 10 seconds.
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning

    Care and cleaning Cleaning the lint filter Emptying the condensed water container The lint filter must be cleaned after each load. 1. Grasp the filter handle and pull it towards you. 2. Open the filter and remove the lint from all sides of it by hand.
  • Page 16: Cleaning The Steamer Filter

    Care and cleaning Cleaning the steamer filter Lint should be cleaned from the net filter and the foam filter inside the steamer door at the intervals shown on the machine's display or more often. 1. Remove the plinth 6. Wash the foam filter in a washing machine using a rinse or quick wash programme.
  • Page 17 Care and cleaning clean and cool; dust, heat and moisture prolong drying times.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The machine will not start Drying takes too long • Check that the lint filter is not blocked. See the Check "Care and cleaning" chapter. • that the door is properly closed. • Empty the condensed water container and •...
  • Page 19: Technical Information

    Technical information Technical data Height: 850 mm Width: 595 mm Depth: 585 mm Weight: 55 kg Cylinder volume: 112 l Max. drying capacity: 7 kg Speed: 50-55 rpm Rated power: See type plate. Drum material: Stainless steel Outer casing material: Powder-coated and hot-galvanized sheet steel or stainless steel.
  • Page 20: Service

    Service Before contacting the service division Before contacting the service division, you should check whether you can resolve the problem yourself. See the "Troubleshooting" and "Care and cleaning" chapters. If, despite this, you still need to contact the service division, make sure you know the model designation, type designation and serial number.
  • Page 21: Installation

    Stacking The tumble dryer can be placed on top of a Electrolux washing machine. Use the two foot cups found in the document bag included with the machine and the two tip guards attached to the bottom left corner of the back of the machine.
  • Page 22: Adjusting The Feet

    Installation 4. Attach the plastic cups for fixing the tumble dryer’s front feet to the washing machine’s top cover. This is essential, as only when the tumble dryer’s feet are resting in the plastic cups can you be sure that the tumble dryer is correctly positioned on the washing machine.
  • Page 23: Condensed Water

    Installation Condensed water The machine is supplied as shown in Option 1 (inset). This means that the condensed water is pumped into the condensed water container, which must be removed and emptied by hand. Option 2 allows you to remove the small short hose from the nipple.
  • Page 24: Door Hanging

    Door hanging Hinge pins (top and bottom) Locking hook Cover washer Hinges (left + right side) Plastic plugs (on the upper Plinth and lower edges)
  • Page 25: Follow These Instructions

    Door hanging You can choose whether the door is hung on the 7. Switch the catch (magnetic lock) and the cover right or the left. plate. First loosen the screw holding the catch (magnetic lock) in place. Then use a flat-bladed Follow these instructions: screwdriver to remove the cover plate.
  • Page 26 Your notes...
  • Page 27 Your notes...
  • Page 28: Quick Guide

    Quick guide Fabrics Select a programme and any • Dry fabrics of the same type together to options ensure that they dry as evenly as • Turn the programme selector to the possible. required programme. Turn on the main power switch Press the Start button Load the garments Drying programme finished...

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