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   Summary of Contents for Korg SQD-8

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  • Page 2: Front Panel

    Please check MIDI channel assignment. function indicates that some data is When "ERASE" is flashing, it indicates memorized in the track. that the track is ready to be erased. When "PLAY" flashes, it indicates that mark besides the track number in the track is ready to be played, if utility-function indicates onloff of each ST ARTISTOP ( ..

  • Page 3: Display

    1> MEASURE INDICATION MEMORY INDICATION is displayed on the left side, when The remaining percentage of SQD-8 measure-memory is on. memory is displayed. F (FULL) indicates Usually the number of measures is that almost no memory has been used.

  • Page 4

    This is used for erasure. designate sixteenth notes in step- recording and to switch echo back on or ERASE ALL KEY off in utility-function. This is used to erase aU data in SQD-8. := ) METRONONE Thi~ is used to select track designate...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    • • • . • • • . . • • . • SQD-8 BASIC KNOWLEDGE· • • . . • • • • • • . • SQD-8 has two input methods, i.e. real time Note: Once the power supply of the SQD-8 is recording and stepwrite recording.

  • Page 6: Recording

    . Time signature that can be set by the note-number with the manual of the SQD-8 are 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4. instrument. 3. Push Beat Key again after confirmation To playback after recording is finished, or change is finished.

  • Page 7: Metronome

    "REC" display (utility-function) Each of the MIDI channels from 1 to 16 on stops flashing. the SQD-8 can be selected for each track. (one channel per track) Push MIDI-CH key 0. 2. Push Track key (1-8) to select MIDI PLAY channel display.

  • Page 8

    REW (..) and FF ( are based on the Sometimes, you will want to select which unit of a measure. The SQD-8 can not be tracks are monitored during playback and stopped in the middle of a measure. recording.

  • Page 9: Step Recording

    (used in this case for a tie). "Tie" will be indicated. Push "3" ( _: - ), and push fa. (d - ,:' ) Please confirm that the SQD-8 and the F: Push "2". Push the chord mi and outside MIDI instrument are correctly connected and the power supply is on.

  • Page 10: Erase

    The minimum unit of Step Recording is a !ERASE! thirty-second note triplet. For smaller notes, express them by making the Tempo twice as fast or by other methods. There are three methods to erase the track (with In order to record music like the following, where recording has been finished.

  • Page 11: All Erase

    In the case ofB, push ERASE ALL key. Push the key just after the last sound The Punch In/Out of SQD-8 uses 2 tracks. By before the mistake comes out, and let go doing this, you can erase the errors you noticed as soon as the effect (such as Program after recording and replace them with new data.

  • Page 12: Other Function And Operation

    TRACK key between Note On and Note Off, DATA MIX Punch Out will be conducted from the next Note ON. Data mix on the SQD-8 means the ability to *< Remaining amount of memory does not transfer the data of several tracks to another change by conducting Punch Out.

  • Page 13: Volume Control

    FF nor REW is available. I-PLAY- VOLUME CONTROL <I The MIDI volume at the time of MIDI transmission can be controlled in the SQD-8 by ® ® Conduct operation of p. 7 and coordinate moving DATA slider up and down like a fader on all the MIDI channels of the tracks, which a mixer.

  • Page 14: Repeat

    ® Push "VOLUME CONTROL"(Track 2 key) If several tracks have the same MIDI channel, you can control the volume of those will be displayed in TRACK 2 indica- tracks with the volume control data of one tion display. track. In this case, input the volume control data to the track which has the smallest number.

  • Page 15: Key Transpose

    If echo back is on, a mix of the MIDI signal input from MIDI IN and the MIDI signal output from ® the memory of SQD-8 will be output from MIDI Push "KEY TRANS" TRACK 4 key OUT terminal of SQD-8.

  • Page 16: Quantize

    minimum unit minimum unit QUANTIZE I I .- -'-'-' _LU: I ' : -'-'-'- This function is for correcting rhythmic errors made in real time recording. JJ JJ Designate unit to be set, moving DATA Rhythm of musical notes slider up and down, "...

  • Page 17: Clock Internal/external

    (this is called save.) So don't fail to save following rhythm. before the power supply is cut off. Disk to be used in SQD-8 is QD (quick disk). Use KORG QD-10, etc. 1:1: Confirm that nail to protect QD is not broken before SAVE.

  • Page 18: Data File (receiving)

    See manual load. concerning MIDI to handle various kinds of instruments. If QD is set in SQD-8, when power supply is "FILE" is indicated in MEASURE off, load is automatically available, when indication display and green flashes in TEMPOLED~.

  • Page 19: Data File (transmission)

    If it is connected in a line through THRU, data can be loaded without connecting the various kinds of instruments one by one with the SQD-8. EXAMPLE OF SETTING Confirm that power supply of connected sound source is also on.

  • Page 20: Play

    ----~ When the sound does not stop When the sound does not stop even though you stopped your performance (it happens when there is a tie over two bars with more than 17 sounds), push the top and the This function has already been used for the bottom of the FUNCTION select key at the playback function of recording, but please same time.

  • Page 21

    Korg products are manufactured under strict specifications and voltages required by each country. These products are warranted by the Korg distributor only in each country. Any Korg product not sold with a warranty card or carrying a serial number disqualifies the product sold from the manufacture's/distributor's warranty and liability.

  • Page 22: Specs And Options

    & SPECS OPTIONS <> 8 tracks The number of tracks: <> 6,500 sounds (about 32 Kbyte as the data The memory capacity of the main body: filer) <> The capacity of2.8 inch quick disk: 13,000 sounds (both sides) <> Realtime recording (Resolution ; The entry method: 1148, ffl' )

  • Page 23: About The Data Slider

    When it is set on MIDI channel -+ Push the MIDI-CH key again. ABOUT THE MEMORY INDICATION MEMORY indication on the display board shows the remaining percentage of SQD-8 memory capacity. MEMORY % 01111111111 I II •• 1020 40 60 80 F...

  • Page 24

    & ® K 0 R , . " Ja~n K 0 R GIN C ® °nami_ku Tokyo, S _ d o ''''-. S" 'Ne " " .,,' 0 " <D ©KOR Printed in Japan...

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