Technical Data; Before First-Time Use - Electrolux Café Olé CO 20 Operating Instructions Manual

Coffee machine with timer und frothed milk spout
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appliances may only be repaired by
trained technicians. Improper repairs
can put the appliance user in consid-
erable danger.
No liability can be assumed for pos-
sible damage if the appliance is used
for the wrong purpose or if it is
operated incorrectly.

Technical data

Power consumption 1300 W
Mains voltage 230 V
This appliance complies with the fol-
lowing EU guidelines:
• 73/23/EWG from 19.02.1973 "Low
voltage guideline", including the
amendment guideline 93/68/EWG
• 89/336/EWG from 03.05.1989 "EMC
Guideline", including the amendment
guideline 92/31/EWG
Cord compartment (Figure 3)
Your coffee machine has a cord com-
partment. If the mains cord to the plug
socket is too long, surplus cable can be
stored in the base of the housing.

Before first-time use

Before you make coffee for the first
time, you should carry out the brewing
procedure once or twice using just the
maximum quantity of water in order to
clean the coffee machine.
Fill the fresh water tank with cold
water up to the upper level marking.
Without using ground coffee or filter
paper, switch the appliance on and let
the water run through into the ther-
mos jug. Pour away the water after it
has run through.
1. Fill with water (Figure 4)
Lift up the lid above the water tank
(Figure 1/A). Remove the water tank
(Figure 1/C) and fill it with clear, cold
tap water.
Never use hot water. Please never fill
the water tank with milk, ready-made
coffee, tea, etc.
The cup markings are on the water
tank (Figure 1/C). The markings refer to
the quantity of fresh water. The result-
ing amount of coffee will be less,
because the ground coffee soaks up
Replace the water tank and close the
Tip: To pre-warm the thermos jug,
rinse it out with hot water before
making coffee.
2. Insert filter paper (Figure 5)
Press the button to open the swing fil-
ter (Figure 1/M). The filter automati-
cally swings out to the right (Figure 5).
Insert a Size 4 paper filter into the fil-
ter holder. Please fold the perforated
sides first.
3. Fill with ground coffee
(Figure 6)
Please use "medium grade" ground
coffee. The amount of ground coffee
to be used is a matter of taste. One
measuring spoonful (approx. 6-7g) is
sufficient for medium-strong coffee.
Swing back the filter until it clicks in.
Ensure that the filter insert is sitting
properly (Figure 7).
4. Place the thermos jug with lid
on the plate
Place the thermos jug with the lid
screwed-on (clockwise) on the plate.
The lid must always be screwed onto
the thermos jug because it activates
the anti-drip valve (Figure 8). Although
the lid is closed, coffee enters the ther-
mos jug through the so-called chicane



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