Auto Shut Off - Electrolux Café Olé CO 20 Operating Instructions Manual

Coffee machine with timer und frothed milk spout
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on. The symbol
in the display (Figure 9/A) next to the
0 Press the on/off button (Figure 9/H) to
start the brewing procedure.
If afterwards you wish to select "3-5
cups" turn the selector dial (Figure 9/G)
to the left until the stop is reached
3. Making coffee with pre-
programmed start time
Either you have already programmed
the required start time or you can do
so now as described in 5.3.
0 In order to start the brewing procedure
at the selected time, turn the selector
dial (Figure 9/G) to the right to "Auto"
until the stop is reached. The AUTO-
START indicator (Figure 9/K) will go on.
If the appliance has been programmed
using the AUTO-START function, the
ON/OFF indicator (Figure 9/L) will go
on at the start time and the indicator
for AUTO-START (Figure 9/K) will go
out. The brewing procedure has been
When pre-programming the start time
you can also use the aroma function
(3-5 cups) (see "Making coffee", Para-
graph 2).
IMPORTANT: If you have accidentally
turned the selector dial (Figure 9/G) to
the right and the AUTO-START indica-
tor (Figure 9/G) goes on, then turn the
selector dial (Figure 9/G) to the right
again. The AUTO-START indicator (Fig-
ure 9/K) will go out.
Remove the thermos jug
When the thermos jug has been
removed, the anti-drip valve (Figure 8)
prevents surplus water from dripping
onto the plate. Therefore make sure
that the filter insert (Figure 7) is sitting
To pour, open the lid of the thermos
jug by turning anticlockwise until you
feel it click (or until the round marking
is positioned above the pouring lip).
(1 cup) will appear
After pouring, close the lid by turning
it in a clockwise direction until it is
tight in order to keep the rest of the
coffee warm.
When the water has completely run
through and you want to add water for
more coffee, you should switch off the
appliance and let it cool down for
about 5 minutes.

Auto shut off

Your appliance has an automatic
switch off function. After the brewing
procedure has been completed, the
appliance will be in "stand-by" mode. If
the appliance is not used in the next
2 hours then, for safety reasons and to
save energy, it will switch itself off
automatically. The ON/OFF indicator
(Figure 9/L) will go out.
Frothing or heating up milk
You can make cappuccino, café au lait
and cocoa, or even just heat up milk
(for example, as a drink with honey
against colds) using the frothed milk
spout (Figure 2/A, B, C, D).
Connect the frothed milk spout as fol-
lows (Figure 10):
0 Insert the knob for regulating the froth
(Figure 2/A) into the suction piece (Fig-
ure 2/B) and press it on firmly.
0 Push the suction piece (Figure 2/B) into
the connector (Figure 2/D), place the
milk discharge outlet (Figure 2/C) onto
the connector (Figure 2/D).
0 Firmly attach the complete frothed
milk spout to the steam nozzle
(Figure 1/D) until the red seal of the
steam nozzle is no longer visible and
either connect it to the flexible hose
(Figure 2/E) or to the container
(Figure 1/E).
0 Leave the appliance switched on after
the coffee has been made.
0 Wait until the indicator for steam
(Figure 9/C) goes on, showing that the
steam temperature has been reached.



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