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Electrolux Café Olé CO 20 Operating Instructions Manual page 9

Coffee machine with timer und frothed milk spout
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0 Now fill the water tank (Figure 1/C)
about half way up with water and only
then add the correct quantity of des-
caling agent; – never do this the
other way round!
Achtung: Only use liquid descalers!
0 Swing the swing filter into position in
the appliance. Place the empty ther-
mos jug with lid on the plate (Figure
1/J). (Please note that the lid serves to
open the anti-drip valve and so ensures
that the water flows through properly.)
Screw the frothed milk spout (Figure
1/F) to the steam nozzle (Figure 1/D).
0 Fill the container (Figure 1/E) with
water (approx. 750 ml) and connect
the container to the frothed milk spout
(Figure 11). Place a sufficiently large
receptacle (approx. 750 ml) below the
frothed milk spout (Figure 1/F).
Caution: Turn the steam selector
(Figure 9/F) to the right to "Steam"
and leave it in this position through-
out the descaling procedure.
0 Now turn on the appliance using the
on/off button (Figure 9/H). After about
1 minute switch the appliance off again
and leave the descaling solution to take
effect for approx. 5 - 10 minutes.
Switch the appliance on again and
allow the rest of the solution to flow
through. As soon as the brewing proce-
dure has finished, the pump will switch
on automatically. Hot steam and water
are emitted from the frothed milk
spout. Wait approx. 30 seconds until the
jet of water becomes foamy.
0 Now switch off the appliance using the
on/off button (Figure 9/H). Wait for 1
minute. Switch the coffee machine on
again and then switch it off once more,
as described, after 30 seconds. You
should repeat this procedure 5 - 10
times. Finally carry out one or two
brewing and frothing procedures using
fresh water.
0 Turn the steam selector (Figure 9/F)
back to the 0-position.
Descaling using the descaling
When there is severe scaling, please use
the descaling hose (Figure 2/F). Follow
exactly the same procedure as that
described in the section Descaling the
coffee machine. However, do not con-
nect the container to the frothed milk
spout; instead, unscrew the container
and then screw the descaling hose
(Figure 2/F) onto the steam nozzle (Fig-
ure 1/D). Place a receptacle filled with
cold water underneath the descaling
hose. Please note that there will be a
lot of noise as the steam enters the
water receptacle.
Caution: Clean all parts that have
come into contact with milk (frothed
milk spout, container including lid and
feed pipe, steam nozzle, flexible hose,
drip tray and drip grid) immediately
after use in normal washing-up water!
Be careful not only to thoroughly
clean all the individual parts of the
frothed milk spout (Figures 14/B, C,
D), but especially also the knob for
regulating the froth (Figure 14/A).
During the frothing procedure milk
residues can form in the crevice on the
knob (Figure 14/A "arrow"). As these
residues can have an adverse effect on
the frothing results we suggest that
the part indicated with an "arrow" in
the figure should be cleaned particu-
larly thoroughly. Finally, rinse the parts
with clear water and dry them.
Do not clean these parts in a dish-
washer as this will damage the seals.
The inner filter can be removed for
cleaning. To do this, swing the filter
out to the right as far as it will go and
then remove the inner filter (Figure 7).
In particular you should press the anti-
drip valve repeatedly as you are rinsing
to thoroughly remove coffee particles.