Customer Service - Electrolux Café Olé CO 20 Operating Instructions Manual

Coffee machine with timer und frothed milk spout
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Clean the exterior of the appliance
with a damp cloth, but never immerse
it in water! Wash out the thermos jug
and lid with hot water, using a brush if
necessary, and dry it with a cloth. Do
not clean it in a dishwasher.
What to do if...
• only steam but no frothed milk is pro-
– Attach the receptacle or flexible
hose correctly.
– Put the milk froth spout together
correctly and firmly.
– Press the knob firmly onto the suc-
tion piece and check the position of
the knob (lengthways: maximum
amount of froth).
– Too little or no milk in the recepta-
– The flexible hose in the packaging
does not reach far enough into the
– Clean the steam nozzle.
• the volume of milk froth is too low or
frothing takes too long?
– Use low fat milk.
– Clean the milk froth spout.
– Clean the steam nozzle.
– Descale the appliance.
• no steam is produced?
– Refill the water tank.
– Insert the water tank correctly.
For the environment's sake
Do not simply throw away the packag-
– The packaging carton can be given
to the waste paper collection or the
appropriate waste disposal centre.
– Take plastic bags made of polyethyl-
ene (PE) to PE collection centres for
– Padding made of foam polystyrene is
Please ask your local authorities about
the location of the responsible recy-
cling centre in your vicinity.
After making coffee the paper filter
and ground coffee are perfectly suita-
ble for composting.

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