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Generac Power Systems Digital Controller R-200A Technical Manual: General Information; Introduction; Control Board Dip Switch & Jumper Settings

Generac power systems digital controller technical manual.
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The R-200A Controller incorporates the generator
control circuitry, the ignition coil driver circuitry and
the interface circuitry to an external governor driver.
The R-200A Controller can control a;
4-cylinder, 1.6L, 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm engine
4-cylinder, 2.4L, 1800 rpm or 3600 rpm engine
6-cylinder, 4.2L, 1800 rpm engine (with separate
ignition coil driver)
The R-200A controller will monitor the utility voltage
to determine if stand-by power is required. Should
the utility voltage fail, the unit will start and run,
detaching from the utility and supplying the customer
load from the generator.
Both the 1.6L and 2.4L engines use a magnetic
pickup on the flywheel gear to provide speed informa-
tion. A cam sensor is used to provide engine position
information. Each engine uses two coil drivers in a
waste spark coil pack for ignition. With a waste spark
coil, each high-voltage coil output is connected to two
spark plugs resulting in each spark plug being fired
during both the compression and exhaust cycle.
The 4.2L engine uses a magnetic pickup on the fly-
wheel gear to provide speed information. A cam sen-
sor and a crankshaft sensor provide information to a
separate ignition coil driver that fires each spark plug
The above generators are configured, at the factory,
to use either LP Vapor or Natural Gas (NG). The gov-
ernor gains have been pre-set and are not adjustable.
The output frequency of the generator main alterna-
tor is 60Hz.
The controller PCB, located on the inside door of
the R-200A, may have one of several part numbers.
Early 1.6L units will have part number 0G1505A.
Early 2.4L units will have part number 0G1505B.
Later units have part number 0G1303A for 1800
rpm or, 0G1303B for 3600 rpm. The 0G1303B is a
suitable replacement for the 0G1505A and 0G1505B.
In later units, or if the engine has emission controls,
part number 0G1303C is used for 1800 rpm and
0G1303D is used for 3600 rpm. The latest versions
include 30kW, 3600 rpm, 1.6L control and 18kW,
1800 rpm, 1.6L control. Part number 0G1303E is
used for 1800 rpm and 0G1303F is used for 3600
rpm. The 0G1303C or 0G1303E will work in place
of 0G1303A. The 0G1303D or 0G1303F will work in
place of 0G1303B, 0G1505A or 0G1505B.
The addition of the 4.2L engine required creation of
a new series of controller (see Figure 2). This control-
ler is part number 0G3958C for 1800 rpm units and
0G3958D for 3600 rpm units. All previous part num-
bers are replacable with these new controllers.

General Information

R-panel Technical Manual
The Switch "ON" position location is marked on the
DIP switch housing (see Figures 1 and 2.) To activate
the DIP Switch settings place the AUTO/OFF/MANUAL
switch in the OFF Mode, make the DIP switch chang-
es and then push and hold the Set Exercise Switch
for five seconds.
DIP Switch Position 1: Reserved for future use. The
position of this DIP Switch does not affect generator
DIP Switch Position 2: Selects the type of transfer
switch to be used with the generator. When an "HS" or
RTS-type transfer switch is used (ATS Mode) this DIP
Switch should be in the OFF Position. When a W-type
transfer switch is used (GTS Mode) the generator
2-wire start inputs can be used to control the gen-
erator operation. The 2-wire start inputs are labeled
as 178 and 183 on the wiring terminals inside the
generator's customer connection panel.
DIP Switch Position 3: Selects the engine operating
speed in exercise mode.
DIP Switch Position 4: Selects the type of Fuel used
by the generator. The fuel regulator must also be con-
figured for the correct fuel type.
DIP Switch Position 5: Selects the engine displace-
ment when Switch Position 7 is OFF . This position is
ignored when Switch Position 7 is ON.
DIP Switch Position 6: Selects the alternator kW
rating for the 2.4L at 3600 rpm and the 4.2L at 1800
rpm. The position of this DIP switch does not affect
generator operation for the 1.6L, or the 1800 rpm
DIP Switch Position 7: Selects 4.2L displacement
when ON. When OFF , Switch Position 5 selects dis-
DIP Switch Position 8: Reserved for future use. The
position of this DIP switch does not affect generator
Switch OFF
Position 1
Position 2
ATS Mode
Position 3
Low Speed Exercise
Position 4
LP Vapor Fuel (LP)
Position 5
Position 6
45kW (2.4L, 3600 rpm and
4.2L, 1800 rpm)
Position 7
1.6L, 2.4L
Position 8
Switch ON
GTS Mode
Normal Speed Exercise
Natural Gas Fuel (NG)
35kW (2.4L, 3600 rpm and
4.2L, 1800 rpm)


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