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Generac Power Systems Digital Controller R-200A Technical Manual

Generac power systems digital controller technical manual.
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R-200A Digital Controller
A new standard of reliability
This manual should remain with the unit.


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   Summary of Contents for Generac Power Systems Digital Controller R-200A

  • Page 1: Technical Manual

    R-200A Digital Controller TECHNICAL MANUAL A new standard of reliability This manual should remain with the unit.

  • Page 2: General Hazards

    Then, place a “Do Not Operate” tag on the genera- tor control panel and on the transfer switch. • In case of an accident caused by electric shock, immediately shut down the source of electrical power.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    RPM Signal Failure During Cranking ... 8 RPM Signal Failure During Running ... 8 Overcrank (Red LED Indicator) ... 8 Invalid Dip Switch Setting (All Red LED's On) ... 8 Alarm Cancel ... 8 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS Mode) ... 8 Engineered Transfer Switch (2-wire Start GTS Mode) ...

  • Page 4: General Information

    DIP Switch Position 2: Selects the type of transfer switch to be used with the generator. When an "HS" or RTS-type transfer switch is used (ATS Mode) this DIP Switch should be in the OFF Position. When a W-type...

  • Page 5

    3 for 2.4L. The jumper is not used on PCB's 0G1505A or 0G1505B. On later revisions, JMP1 is replaced by S2. S2 has no effect on 4.2L operation and is ignored when DIP Switch Position 7 is ON. Figure 1 — Dip Switch & Jumper Settings (Old Revision)

  • Page 6

    Flashing In GTS Mode 5 sec ON, 1 sec OFF DIP Switch #5 is not set correctly @ = Low Fuel Pressure is a Yellow LED and will be ON when fuel pressure is less than 5 inches Water Column X = indicates that the LED can be ON or OFF depending on the Operating Mode (i.e.

  • Page 7: Generator Operation

    The unit will not exercise if the generator is already running (in manual or auto mode). The generator will only transfer if the utility fails during the exer- cise period for >15 seconds, and the switch is in the AUTO mode above. UTILITY RESTORED When the utility returns, a 15 second timer will start.

  • Page 8: Active Alarm

    The weekly exercise cycle is set as follows: 1. Place the AUTO/OFF/MANUAL switch in the AUTO position. 2. Press and hold the "Set Exercise Time " switch for five (5) seconds and then release. At this time all five (5) red LED's will flash for 10 seconds, then the engine will start and run for it's 12 minute exercise period, then shut down.

  • Page 9: Manual Start

    OFF position (ATS application). The system ready LED will also indicate if the genera- tor is in the GTS Mode (i.e. DIP Switch Position 2 in the ON Position). The system ready LED will flash at a five (5) seconds ON and one (1) second OFF rate in GTS Mode.

  • Page 10: Rpm Signal Failure (flashing Red Overspeed Indicator)

    INVALID DIP SWITCH SETTING (ALL RED LED’S ON) All five (5) RED LED’s on the front panel will be ON all the time if DIP switch position 5 is not set cor- rectly. ALARM CANCEL When the generator is shut down on a latched fault or...

  • Page 11: Engineered Transfer Switch (2-wire Start Gts Mode)

    CIRCUIT BREAKER OR FUSE N1 N2 (N3) DISTRIBUTION PANEL (T3) Generator control board DIP switch position 2 ON = 2-wire Start GTS Mode: • • • • For the W-type transfer switch to control utility volt- age sensing, weekly exercising and load transferring,...

  • Page 12: Voltage Regulator Adjustment

    AC power leads. Connection of wire 178 to wire 183 by relay contact closure action (volt free switch con- tacts) in the transfer switch must result in generator engine cranking and startup (see Figure 5).

  • Page 13: R-200a J1 Connector (23 Pin, Gray=1800 Rpm, White=3600 Rpm)

    2-wire Start Return (from relay contact in W- type transfer switch) Manual/Auto Input (+BS) 19.5VAC Utility Sense Input Reserved Transfer Switch Relay Driver Output (mini- mum coil resistance is 60 ohms) Manual Input 19.5VAC Utility Sense Return Reserved GND-B (Battery Ground)

  • Page 14: 12vdc Battery Charger

     Be sure the AUTO/OFF/MANUAL switch is set to the OFF position, before connecting the battery cables. If the switch is set to AUTO or MANUAL, the generator can crank and start as soon as the battery cables are connected.

  • Page 15

    Notes R-panel Technical Manual...

  • Page 16

    GENERAC ® POWER SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. BOX 8 WAUKESHA, WI 53187 Part No. 0G1341 Revision E (06/19/07) Printed in U.S.A.

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