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Uniden HH979XL Operating Manual

Handheld marine vhf radio
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Handheld Marine VHF Radio
Compatible Product
345 Princes Highway, Rockdale, NSW 2216
Ph (O2)599 3100 FAX (O2)599 3278
I+t 878XL
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  Summary of Contents for Uniden HH979XL

  • Page 1 I+t 878XL Cl» CD CD CD cm CDCDCDCBD <D(])Q)cm aD CD (J)([ID unldE!ne UNIDEN AUSTRALIA PlY. LTD 345 Princes Highway, Rockdale, NSW 2216 Ph (O2)599 3100 FAX (O2)599 3278 Handheld Marine VHF Radio ~elsfra OPERATING MANUAL HH979XL Seaphone Compatible Product...
  • Page 2 Using another charger may damage the battery,or explode. is a registered trademark Unlden~ Features, Specifications, and availability of Optional Accessories are all subject to change without notice. than the one cause the battery of Uniden Corporation.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Last Number Redialling Manual DTMFOver-Dialling .""""""""'.""."."."""""". Registration. Service Care and Maintenance VHF FM Marine Radiotelephone Channels and Functions Australian Channels VHF FM Marine Radiotelephone Channels and Functions International Channels Specifications "... """"",."""."". " """""'."."""""""""'. ."""""."."."".."."" Page 1 "... 10 :.. 15 HH979XL...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Congratulations! You've chosen the Uniden HH979XL for your Handheld Marine VHF Radio. The HH979XL has been engineered to exact marine specifications for reliable, dependable operations. This Radio gives you the full complement of all Australian and International channels, Seaphone Channel Access, Instant Channel 16, recharge- able batteries and more.
  • Page 5: Feature Highlights

    Conserves battery energy when there is no activity on the current channel for over 3 seconds. LCD Backlight Illuminates the channel display for visibility at night or under dim conditions. Battery Low Detection/ The TX LED (RED) blinks during transmit when the battery lev~1 is LOW. Page3 HH979XL...
  • Page 6: Unpacking

    UNPACKING Carefullycheck the package contents against this list: Uniden HH979XL Handheld MarineRadio FlexibleAntenna ACAdaptor/Charger Standard Nickel-CadmiumBattery Pack Belt Clip Wrist strap This Operating Guide withSeaphone Registration Form Ifany items are missing or 9amaged. contact your place of purchase immediately.Be sure to complete and mailthe Seaphone Registration Formto Telstra's Customer Service Centre.
  • Page 7: Controls And Indicators

    Use to select a channel. Rotate clockwise to turn the Rotate counter- or decrease red LED lights when green This switch isused to access instant Page ON/OFFVOLUME Control other than the damage the volume. you press the (BUSY Indicator) HH979XL...
  • Page 8 Dual Watch Mode Enabled Indicates Seaphone Channel InternationalChannel Selected Indicates Weather Channel Low Power TX Selected Scan Function Enabled DW ft INT WX LOWSCN Note: Weather (WX) Channel Service is not available in Australia. HH979XL Page 6...
  • Page 9: Front Controls

    Microphone Jack - Connect optional external microphone here. DTMFKeypad - Used an access code or telephone number. Or when using special Seaphone Function. Antenna HH979XL CDCDCD@ CDCDCD@. CDCDCD@ III (E) CD CID (bID when entering DTMF data, such as Page 7...
  • Page 10: Side Controlsand Connectors

    Release to listen for a reply. TX Power HI/LOW Switch - Press to set the transmit output power to HIGH (SW) or LOW (1W). AC Adaptor/Charger here HH979XL To remove the Battery Pressand hold to talk. Jack - Connect AC Adaptor/Charger Page 8...
  • Page 11: Getting Started Antenna

    To attach the antenna to the TNC connector on top of your radio, press down and rotate the antenna base clockwise until it seats firmly into place. Battery Information The HH979XL comes with a standard rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Pack. An optional heavy duty rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack is also available. Installation...
  • Page 12: Operation

    Otherwise scanning resumes after 3 seconds. To resume scanning when on an active channel, press UP key. To deactivate Scan, press DOWN key. HH979XL OPERATION If a signal is received on Channel Dual Watch press and hold the UP key for Panel.)
  • Page 13: Instant Channel 16 Communications

    LCD To deactivate SCAN, press DOWN Key. on Weather Channel While switching back to Australian Channel Mode will reset HH979XL to CH16 Manual Mode. Note: WX (Weather) Service is currently not available in Australia. 16 Communications,...
  • Page 14: Transmitting

    45- degree angle away from your head. Speak in a clear, normal, conversational voice. When you are through speaking, release the PTT Switch and listen for an answer. HH979XL (Factory default). Thus, at initial Page 12...
  • Page 15: Special Features

    Australia. With exceptional features like Automatic dialinn 10 number memory dialing, Last Number Redial function, DTMF over- dialing and confirmation tones make the HH979XL superior to any of its kind. Be sure to complete the Seaphone Registration Form included at the back portion on this guide.
  • Page 16: Dtmfcontrols And Functions

    DTMF CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONS unIden Q) . HH979XL. CD CD CD cm CD CD CD cm CD CD CD Ci)(IDC!)a:B) 10) TO [9] : NUMERIC numbers and enter special codes and functions. : ASTERISK Key; Press to TRANSMIT chosen telephone numbers and also to INTERROGATE the host computer to enquire if there are any calls for your vessel.
  • Page 17: Seaphone Operation

    An automatic VA will respond followed by the operator who will help you with the service you require. OPERATION (V A) will follow saying "Your (PTT) switch and conduct Repeat [#] if no VA is heard. seconds. Page codes (which PROCEDURE HH979XL...
  • Page 18: Shore To Ship Semi-Auto Calls And Auto Radio Check

    "Traffic Lists" will continue to be broadcasted by each MCS on VHF Channel 67 or Primary Seaphone Channel with subsequent Seaphone calls connected in the normal manner appropriate for each Seaphone coverage area. HH979XL "Interrogate" the system via an idle we have no calls for please stand by".
  • Page 19: 333" Repeater Mode Seaphone Calls

    Seaphone station, the operator's switch to red alert and the Seaphone computer system will automatically display your vessel's name radio callsign, owner's name, address and telephone number for urgent attention. is clear. eg: "Unicom "*". Page 17 screen will HH979XL...
  • Page 20: Cautionarynote

    If any of these factors apply to your vessel you may not succeed in making contact when you first activate the "999" Seaphone facility. In these circumstances you should continue to repeat the procedure outlined above, selecting an alternative Seaphone HH979XL channel if necessary Page 18...
  • Page 21: Memory Dialling

    MEMORY DIALLING You can store up to 10 telephone numbers into memory Each telephone number can be up to 30 digits long. STORING A TELEPHONE NUMBER INTO MEMORY To store a number into memory. do the following: Press [ST] key. Note that the LCD Display is flashing. (as shown) ..,~::.
  • Page 22: Last Number Redialling

    Often you may dial a subscribers telephone number that is BUSY or engaged. This added feature is very useful where HH979XL stores into a buffer the Last Telephone Number you have dialled. There is no need for you to enter the complete phone number again and again.
  • Page 23: Registration

    TELSTRA and Radio Services Customer Service Centre Jennifer Street Perouse, NSW 2036 Phone: (02) 311-1302 Free Call: 1800 - 810 - 023 Fax: (02) 311 - 3846 Automated Seaphone fee of AUS$50.00 currently MobileSatellite Page 21 Service, HH979XL...
  • Page 24: Service

    Should you find it desirable or necessary to have service performed on your HH979XL, you are urged to contact the Uniden Dealer from whom you made your purchase. Your Uniden Dealer will be able to assist you with complete service information.
  • Page 25: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Your HH979XL is a predsion piece of electronic equipment and you should treat it accordingly. design, very little maintenance is required. However, precautions should be observed: If your radio has been accidentally subjected to spray or splash, you should immediately wipe it down with a soft cloth dampened with fresh water.
  • Page 26: Vhf Fm Marine Radiotelephone Channels And Functions Australian Channels

    157.025 161.625 VHFMMRepeaters 157.075 161.675 Coast Guard 157.125 161.725 VHFMMRepeaters 157.175 161.775 PublicCorresp 157.225 161.825 PublicCorresp 157.275 161.875 PublicCorresp 157.325 161.925 PublicCorresp 157.375 161.975 PublicCorresp 157.425 162.025 PublicCorresp HH979XL TYPE TRAFAC Public-Corresp SARlPortOPslCommerc:ial snp NavigationlPortOPs VHFMMRepealers/PorlOPs RXONlY RXONlY Non-ComlCom'I1Port OPs...
  • Page 27: Vhf Fm Marine Radiotelephone Channels And Functions International Channels

    RX Only Weather RX Only Weather RX Only Weather Fish Environmental Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Fish Fish RX Only Fish Fish CoastGuard CoastGuard Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. Busy Tel. HH979XL...
  • Page 28: Specifications

    TRANSMITTE R Power Output Modulation Hum and Noise Audio Distortion Spurious Suppression Frequency Range Frequency Stability HH979XL : Transmit: 54 AUS/INT'L Receive: 55 AUST : 65 INT'L (10 Weather Channels) : Phase Locked Loop (PLL) : On/Off Volume : TX LED @ PTT (ON): Continuous(Red): Transmit Flashing(Red): Low Battery Level.
  • Page 29 : 0.5 ~V (at 12dB SINAD or better) : Dual Conversion Super Heterodyne PLL : 1.6 ~V Max. : 60dB Min. : 60 dB Min. : 500 mW Typical : 1st IF 21.4 MHz 2nd IF 445 kHz Page 27 HH979XL...
  • Page 30 WARRANTOR: Uniden Australia Pty. Limited ACN 001 865498 ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: owner for the duration of this warranty, its HH979XL Handheld VHF Marine Transceiver (hereinafter referred to as the Product), to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations of exclusions set out below.
  • Page 31 Phone Number Type/Model/VHF R adio Radio Call Sign Vessel Name Vessel T ype Seaphone ID (see rear of HH979XL) Suppliers Name Address Post Code Phone Number Special Note: Validations can be made by post, fax (as above) or simply ring 1800 - 810 - 023 toll free.
  • Page 32 UNIDEN AUSTRALIA PTY.LTD. 345 PrincesHighway,Rockdale,NSW 2216 Ph (02) 599 3100 FAX (02) 599 3278 UTUDO1855ZA Printedin the Philippines...