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Electrolux EIW63810X User Manual page 16

Refreshment centre


16 electrolux
10.Insert the filter cartridge in the filter
head by pushing it up and rotating it
11.Push back the appliance until it is
locked into position
12.Open the water mains
Warning Do not dispense cold
sparkling water during the cleaning
Warning After the procedure always
remember to close the water
discharge tap to avoid water leakage
Warning Remove the water
dispensed during cleaning process
Warning In case of water leakage dry
the base carefully
Warning Lay a cloth under the filter
cartridge to prevent the base from
getting wet
During cleaning process two kinds of LED
signals are shown:
• Flashing power LED:
waiting for user input
• Scanning LEDs, from power to light
working on cleaning, wait for the power
LED to flash
1. Dispense all the ice shards
2. Remove the grid of the drip tray to
easily pull out the Refreshment Centre.
After extracting the appliance, place
the grid back in its original position
3. Turn off the appliance using the power
Water may come out from the filter
cartridge, therefore place a cloth on
the filter head and cartridge to prevent
the cabinet from getting wet.
If there is water on the base, dry it
4. Rotate the filter cartridge clockwise and
pull it down to extract it
5. Open the cleaning cartridge and fill it
with "Neutral Detergent"
6. Hold the cleaning cartridge from the
upper larger side and insert it in the
filter head by pushing it up and rotating
it counter-clockwise
7. Connect the plastic hose to the
discharge water nozzle
8. Place a big container underneath the
plastic hose or put the hose in a sink
9. Place a cup under the water dispense
10.Remove the safety screw and open the
water discharge tap



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