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Electrolux EIW63810X User Manual page 10

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10 electrolux
Secure water discharge tap
Warning Water leakage will occur
when the discharge tap is open
Warning Close the water discharge
tap if open.
A red safety screw prevents the accidental
opening of the tap.
During regular appliance operation, when
not otherwise indicated, the tap shall be
closed and the screw inserted.
Water discharge tap
Safety screw
Water mains connection
Warning Provided inlet hose can
reach a maximum distance of 4
meters from the water mains. In
alternative, extra long tubes need to
be used
Warning It is necessary to place a tap
between the water mains and the
water inlet hose
Warning Connect only to potable cold
water mains
Warning All water mains connections
must be carried out by a certified
Warning Use only the new hose-sets
included in the package
Warning Do not reuse old hose-sets
Screw the hose to water inlet rotating it
clockwise, then connect the hose to the
water mains.
Water inlet 3/4"
Filter cartridge first installation
Warning Make sure there are no
water leaks
Warning Dry well the base of the
appliance before installing it into the
The head of the filter cartridge is on the
left side of the appliance.
Remove the cap from the filter cartridge,
hold the filter head tight and insert the new
filter cartridge in the head by pushing it up
and rotating it counter-clockwise.
Filter head
Filter cartridge
Pressure reducer first installation
Warning Do not open the pressure
reducer during unit connection
CO₂ tube
CO₂ fitting


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