Maintenance And Cleaning - Electrolux EIW63810X User Manual

Refreshment centre
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Dispensing during first start-up
During first start-up ambient water is
immediately ready.
The first ice shards will be ready after 90
The ideal temperature for cold water will
be reached after 2.5 hours.
The ice tank will be fully loaded after 5
Dispensing during normal usage
Warning Do not insert any object in
the ice shards nozzle. This may
damage the section with consequent
ice melting
In order to fill a big bottle or jug,
carefully pull out the water dispense

Maintenance and cleaning

Warning If the appliance remains
switched off for over 8 hours it is
necessary to drain the water tank
Warning A monthly drainage of the
water tank is needed to guarantee the
correct quality level
Warning Carry out a cleaning of the
appliance every six months to ensure
the correct quality level
Warning Use food grade CO₂ bottle
Place a glass on the drip tray, then select
the desired beverage or the ice shards.
Press the icon until the desired amount
has been dispensed.
Dispensing is indicated by the LED
corresponding to the pressed icon.
Dispensing from water nozzle is delayed
to prevent accidental leakage.
The appliance can dispense 2 litres of cold
still or cold sparkling water in 2 hours.
The water coolness level may vary if
the dispensing time recommendations
are not followed.
If the ice has been entirely dispensed,
fresh ice shards will be available after
approximately 40 minutes.
The ice tank will be fully loaded after 2.5
Illumination of the Refreshment Centre
For a more comfortable dispensing
process, press the light LED of the control
panel and switch on the central ambient
Drainage of the drip tray
To prevent water leakage, keep the drip
tray clean and dry.
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