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Installation; Unit Positioning - Electrolux EIW63810X User Manual

Refreshment centre


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6 electrolux


Warning It is necessary to install the
appliance properly. The power supply
and water connection data in the
Technical Specifications chart must
be observed

Unit positioning

• Check for minimum requirements
• Spacers installation
• Support brackets installation
Unit positioning
Warning The installation of the
product should be made above the
level of the water mains
Warning To ensure proper ventilation,
leave a gap at the bottom of the
cabinet (see measurements in the
Warning The installation of the
Refreshment Centre in direct
conjunction with an oven might cause
performance reduction
Warning Safety cut-out devices must
be fixed properly so that they cannot
be removed without tools
Check for minimum requirements
Verify the minimum measurements
required for a correct installation of the
• Sliding rails installation
• Positioning in the kitchen cabinet
• Frontal spacer installation
Unit connection
• Secure water discharge tap
• Pressure reducer first installation
• CO₂ bottle first installation
• Water mains connection
• Filter cartridge first installation
• Electrical connection
The Refreshment Centre must be installed
in a cabinet and the cabinet must be firmly
fixed to the wall.


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