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GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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GE Energy
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  • Page 1 GE Energy Oil & Gas Gas Turbines...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PGT16 PGT25 PGT25+ LM6000 Main Components Axial Compressor First Stage Nozzles Buckets and Wheels Gas Turbine Operability LNG Exploration and Production, Floating Production Units Pipeline Refinery and Petrochemicals Test Facilities Service Training Gas Turbine Data Sheet GE Energy Gas Turbines...
  • Page 3 A proven combination of sound design and quality assurance techniques places these gas turbines among the world’s most reliable. Basic models produced by GE Energy cover the 5,000 to 124,000 kW power range. They can be provided in simple or regenerative cycles for mechanical drive or generator drive applications.
  • Page 4: Ge5 Gas Turbines

    GE5 Gas Turbines The new GE5 is a compact, state-of-the-art, 6 MW class industrial gas turbine. The unit was developed in two configurations: a cold-end drive single shaft for power generation and a hot- end drive twin shaft for mechanical drive applications. Maximum commonality has been maintained between the single and twin shaft models.
  • Page 5 PGT25+ (High Speed Power Turbine). The design speed of the GE5-2 low pressure turbine is 12,500 rpm, with a capability range from 50% to 105%, which is ideal for direct coupling of GE Energy centrifugal compressors in the 6 MW power range. COMBUSTOR...
  • Page 6 GE5 Gas Turbines PACKAGE The gas turbine packages were designed with an emphasis on standardization, and optimization of factory and field assembly operations. The result is a standard package capable of satisfying the needs of a typical user for low installation and maintenance costs.
  • Page 7 MAINTENANCE PHILOSOPHY A fundamental philosophy of the new GE5 gas turbine is simplicity of design, layout and procedures. This affords the GE5 a position of market leadership in cost and availability through innovative programs for service and sparing, and through package assembly and disassembly flexibility.
  • Page 8: Ge10

    GE10 Gas Turbines The GE10 is a 12 MW range heavy-duty gas turbine available in both single shaft and two shaft versions. It is the evolution of the field-proven PGT10A and incorporates the latest in aerodynamic design in a compact and versatile package arrangement. The design of the GE10 has been highly refined based on the extensive experience gained operating in all types of environments.
  • Page 9 The auxiliaries are installed on a separate base plate permanently joined to that of the gas turbine base plate to form a single lift on which the sound-insulated enclosure is mounted.
  • Page 10: Ms5001

    - Two-stage turbine with high energy stage design. The first-stage nozzles are cooled by the axial compressor discharge air. The MS5001 Gas Turbine is the ideal solution for power generation where low maintenance, reliability and economy of fuel utilization are required. Low operating and investment costs make the MS5001 package power plant an economically attractive system for load generation.
  • Page 11: Ms5002C-D

    (centrifugal compressors and pumps) as well as the ability to burn a large variety of gaseous and liquid fuels. The MS5002 gas turbine was introduced in the market in the 1970s and has been updated and up-rated over the years to meet the industry demand for increased output. Presently...
  • Page 12 MS5002E Gas Turbines The MS5002E, the latest addition to the GE Energy family of gas turbines, is a 32MW class machine designed for high efficiency, low environmental impact and high reliability. The MS5002E will be available in both single and dual-shaft versions to cover power generation and mechanical drive applications.
  • Page 13: Ms6001B/Ms7001Ea/Ms9001E

    - base load and peaking power generation - industrial and cogeneration MS6001B The MS6001 is a single-shaft, heavy-duty gas turbine. The high efficiency axial compressor has 17 stages. The combustor has ten combustion chambers with individual fuel nozzles. The machine has a three-stage impulse turbine...
  • Page 14: Pgt16

    Gas Generator is derived from the F404 turbofan aircraft engine. The power turbine of the PGT16 gas turbine is identical to that of the PGT10 heavy duty, high efficiency gas turbine which has been in operation for more than half a million hours.
  • Page 15: Pgt25

    PGT25 Aeroderivative Gas Turbines The PGT25 gas turbine consists of an LM2500 GE aeroderivative gas generator coupled with a rugged, industrial power turbine designed by GE Energy. GAS GENERATOR The LM2500 GG has already accumulated several million fired hours not only as an aircraft engine (TF39 and CF6-6 engines), but also in the industrial field in many mechanical drive applications (marine, onshore and offshore gas transmission) and for generator drive service.
  • Page 16: Pgt25

    PGT25+ Aeroderivative Gas Turbines The PGT25+ gas turbine was developed for 30 MW ISO shaft power service with the highest thermal efficiency level (approx. 40%). The PGT25+ gas turbine consists of the GE Aeroderivative LM2500+ Gas Generator (updated version of the LM2500 gas generator with the addition of a zero stage to the axial compressor) coupled with a 6100 RPM, 2 stage Power Turbine (High Speed Power Turbine - HSPT).
  • Page 17: Lm6000

    The LM6000’s design allows full speed range capability from 50-105% of the rated speed of 3600 RPM. Continuing the tradition of the established record of GE’s LM2500, the LM6000 is ideal as a source of drive-power for pipeline compression, offshore platform and gas re-injection, as well as for LNG compressors.
  • Page 18: Main Components

    The stator casing is horizontally split for ease of assembly, maintenance and inspection. Iron castings give dimensional and thermal stability to maintain good radial tip clearances for maximum power and efficiency. Several compressor designs are available covering pressure ratios in the 8-17 range and air flows from 20 to 400 Kg/sec with 11-17 stage configurations.
  • Page 19: First Stage Nozzles

    Compressor bleed air is used to cool the wheels and maintain relatively low temperature levels. GE Energy Gas Turbines...
  • Page 20: Gas Turbine Operability

    Large Operability Window GE Energy offers a variety of innovative design solutions to maximize the operability window of the Oil & Gas gas turbine fleet. In addition to variable stator vanes and blow-off valves, the design solutions include: - variable turbine nozzle guide vanes...
  • Page 21 CPC Logic One of the enhancements recently introduced by GE Energy is the Corrected Parameter Control logic (CPC). This type of control philosophy applies principally to mechanical drive units, and consists of an exhaust temperature control curve that self adjusts according to the condition of the inlet filters and actual power turbine speed.
  • Page 22: Lng Exploration And Production, Floating Production Units

    LNG mechanical drive applications is a result of our plant integration services and the ability to optimize the design of both the gas turbine and the compressor for these applications. The result is flawless performance of turbocompressors that have accumulated more than 100,000 hours of operation in the largest LNG plants in the world.
  • Page 23: Pipeline

    The gas turbines manufactured by GE Energy have features that make them particularly suitable for pipeline compressor applications; GE Energy’s pipeline centrifugal compressor line complements its gas turbine line to optimize matching with the gas turbine driver resulting in perfectly integrated gas turbine compressor units.
  • Page 24: Refinery And Petrochemicals

    Refinery and Petrochemicals Downstream Plants Gas turbine-driven centrifugal compressors are also used in Downstream process industries such as refineries and petrochemical and fertilizer plants that need flexible and reliable compression trains. GE Energy turbocompressors are individually tailored to meet the customer’s performance requirements.
  • Page 26: Service

    Service GE Energy provides a complete set of services to support the entire gas turbine product line. We offer an extensive portfolio of proactive and interactive service products such as condition-based maintenance and long term service agreements complementing the traditional service offerings of OEM spare parts, repairs, and field services.
  • Page 27: Training

    GE Energy offers Training for the Operation and Maintenance of our complete line of machinery and equipment. This Training can be provided either at the client’s site or at the Learning Center located at GE Energy headquarters in Florence, Italy. Instructors are field-seasoned experts who combine their understanding of theory with practical experience.
  • Page 28 11,000 47.3 104.3 7,900 62.5 137.7 6,500 68.9 151.9 6,500 84.3 185.9 6,100 125.8 288.8 3,600 125.2 276.1 5,094 102.0 225.0 5,714 141.1 311.0 5,163 292.0 643.0 3,600 418.0 921.0 3,000 GE Energy Gas Turbines EXHAUST °F 1,065 1,026 1,009...
  • Page 29 7,900 62.6 137.9 6,500 68.9 151.9 6,500 84.3 185.8 6,100 126.5 280.0 3,600 123.4 274.1 4,670 102.0 225.0 5,714 141.4 311.7 4,670 140.0 309.0 5,111 302.0 665.8 3,600 421.0 928.0 3,000 GE Energy Gas Turbines EXHAUST °F 1,032 1,011 1,004...
  • Page 30 MS5002E 117,000 MS6001B 96,000(*) MS7001EA 121,000 MS9001E 217,500(*) including auxiliary skid (**) gas turbine skid without enclosure (***) gas turbine package Approx. Approx. Dimensions (**) Weight (**) 8.5 x 2.5 x 3.0 30,000 5.9 x 2.5 x 3.0(***) 23,000 8.1 x 2.5 x 4.0(***) 32,000 9.0 x 2.5 x 6.0...
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