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Lm6000 - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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LM6000 Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
The LM6000 is a simple-cycle, two-shaft, high performance gas turbine derived from the
GE CF6-80C2 high bypass turbofan aircraft engine, the industry standard for high-thrust engines.
Delivering more than 44.8 MW at over 42.7% thermal efficiency, the powerful LM6000 is the most
fuel-efficient, simple-cycle gas turbine in the world. Direct drive provides 60,000 shaft
horsepower from either end of the low pressure rotor for a wide range of electric power
generation and mechanical drive applications in any environment.
High thermal efficiency, low cost, and installation flexibility make the LM6000 the ideal choice as
a prime driver for utility peaking, mid-range, and base load operations, as well as for industrial
The LM6000's design allows full speed range capability from 50-105% of the rated speed of 3600 RPM.
Continuing the tradition of the established record of GE's LM2500, the LM6000 is ideal as a source
of drive-power for pipeline compression, offshore platform and gas re-injection, as well as for
LNG compressors. The LM6000 was GE's first aeroderivative gas turbine to employ the new Dry
Low Emissions (DLE) premixed combustion system. DLE dual fuel, water or steam injection can
also be used to achieve low NOx emissions.
Two axial compressor (LPC, HPC)
LPC five stage
HPC fourteen stage
Pressure ratio 28,5:1
Annular combustion chamber (30 fuel nozzles)
Two stage HPT
Six stage LPT (3600 RPM)
Gas Generator, Power Turbine and auxiliary systems
mounted on a single base plate
The enclosure is integral with the base plate providing
maximum accessibility for maintenance of the gas
turbine and auxiliaries
Emission Control
Steam or water injection systems for NOx abatement
Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion system
LM6000 Gas Turbine
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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