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Ge5 Gas Turbines - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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GE5 Gas Turbines

The new GE5 is a compact, state-of-the-art, 6 MW class industrial gas turbine. The unit was
developed in two configurations: a cold-end drive single shaft for power generation and a hot-
end drive twin shaft for mechanical drive applications. Maximum commonality has been
maintained between the single and twin shaft models. Both units share a common gas
generator, with operating and maintenance benefits in installations where mixed operation is
required. The twin shaft engine is obtained by simply removing the second stage turbine from
the single shaft unit and adding a two-stage power turbine.
The unit is an evolution of the existing PGT5 which builds on the experience of the successful GE10
model. The merging of proven GE Aircraft Engines and GE Energy - Oil & Gas technology coupled
with the benefits of GE's Six Sigma Total Quality Methodology have resulted in a rugged machine
with high efficiency and reliability, and low operating and maintenance cost.
The high efficiency of the machine coupled with low emissions make the GE5 a leader in its class
for most applications.
While the single shaft version is particularly suitable for power generation and cogeneration due
to the high exhaust temperature, the twin shaft version, with wide operating speed range, is
designed to be a reliable and efficient mechanical drive for compressors and pumps.
The GE5 compressor benefits from several decades of
compressor design evolution focused on achieving
higher efficiency. The new compressor is scaled from
the similar GE10 unit. It is a high performance, axial flow
design derived from GE Aircraft Engine technology. GE
Energy, utilizing GE Aircraft Engine expertise, has greatly
improved overall compressor performance without
sacrificing reliability or mechanical integrity.
The 11-stage compressor produces a pressure ratio of
14 8:1. The first three stages of stator blades are
adjustable to optimize efficiency by maximizing exhaust
gas temperature at part load operation. Compressor
blades are assembled onto a solid forged rotor while
stator blades are mounted onto ductile cast iron
The HP turbine itself is a compact, high efficiency
design with two stages in the single shaft version and
three stages in the twin shaft model (2 in the LPT
Turbine). The advanced design methodology utilized by
GE Energy resulted in a high performance machine
with significantly fewer parts. In addition, state-of-the-
art cooling techniques permitted the use of well proven
The GE5 uses an enhanced nozzle and bucket design
similar to those used in aircraft engines. Cooling air is
provided to the first stage nozzles and buckets to
enable higher firing temperatures and enhanced
The LP turbine of the twin shaft version has two stages
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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