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Pgt16 - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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PGT16 Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
The PGT16 gas turbine consists of the twin spool GE Aeroderivative LM1600 Gas Generator coupled
with a rugged, industrial power turbine designed by GE Energy's Oil & Gas businesses. The LM1600
Gas Generator is derived from the F404 turbofan aircraft engine.
The power turbine of the PGT16 gas turbine is identical to that of the PGT10 heavy duty, high
efficiency gas turbine which has been in operation for more than half a million hours.
The power turbine shaft speed (7900 RPM) is optimized for direct coupling to pipeline, injection and
process centrifugal compressors with a speed range that matches most operating requirements
encountered in oil & gas applications. For generator drive applications the PGT16 synchronously
coupled to a generator with a speed reduction gear is a highly flexible turbogenerator which can be
operated as a simple cycle or in combined or cogeneration cycle applications with an electrical
efficiency close to 50%.
PGT16 Gas Turbine
Twin spool axial compressor (3 stage LP compressor,
7 stage HP compressor)
Pressure ratio 20.1:1
Annular combustion chamber (18 fuel nozzles)
Twin Spool Gas Generator turbine (1 stage HP
turbine, 1 stage LP turbine)
Two stage Power turbine with variable angle first
stage nozzles
Completely mounted on a single base plate
The enclosure is integral with the base plate
providing maximum accessibility for maintenance
of the gas turbine and auxiliaries
Emission Control
Steam or water injection systems for NOx abatement
Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion system
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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