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Pgt25 - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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PGT25+ Aeroderivative Gas Turbines
The PGT25+ gas turbine was developed for 30 MW ISO shaft power service with the highest
thermal efficiency level (approx. 40%). The PGT25+ gas turbine consists of the GE Aeroderivative
LM2500+ Gas Generator (updated version of the LM2500 gas generator with the addition of a
zero stage to the axial compressor) coupled with a 6100 RPM, 2 stage Power Turbine (High Speed
Power Turbine - HSPT). Built on the LM2500 heritage and demonstrated 99.6% reliability, the
LM2500+ incorporates technology improvements and a large percentage of parts in common
with the LM2500 to deliver the same outstanding level of reliability. Designed for ease of
maintenance, the LM2500+ also provides a high level of availability. High efficiency and reliability
are among the large number of benefits contributing to PGT25+ customer value.
Specialized aeroderivative annular combustion chamber fuel nozzles makes the PGT25+ ideal for
a wide range of mechanical drive (gas pipeline etc.), power generation, industrial cogeneration,
and offshore platform uses in any environment.
Engineering simplicity and advanced materials yields long time between overhauls and reduce
maintenance costs.
PGT25+ Gas Turbine
Seventeen stage axial compressor
Pressure ratio 21 15:1
Annular combustion chamber (30 fuel nozzles)
Two stage Gas Generator turbine
Two stage Power turbine (6100 RPM).
Gas Generator, Power Turbine and auxiliary systems
mounted on a single base plate
The enclosure is integral with the base plate providing
maximum accessibility for maintenance of the gas
turbine and auxiliaries
Emission Control
Steam or water injection systems for NOx abatement
Dry Low Emission (DLE) combustion system
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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