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GE Gas Turbine Manual page 5

General electric gas turbine
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and has been designed exploiting the experience the
company has gained over the past 20 years with the
PGT25, PGT10, PGT16 and more recently with the
PGT25+ (High Speed Power Turbine). The design speed of
the GE5-2 low pressure turbine is 12,500 rpm, with a
capability range from 50% to 105%, which is ideal for
direct coupling of GE Energy centrifugal compressors in
the 6 MW power range.
The GE5 uses an annular combustor architecture, to
achieve the maximum efficiency while maintaining the
highest reliability standards. The unit is configured with
a DLE combustion system that reduces the NOx and CO
emission levels. It consists of a compact annular
combustor in Hastelloy X with 18 fuel nozzles. Each fuel
nozzle includes a double counter-rotating swirler to
optimize fuel mixing and flame stability for extra clean
This combustion system is designed for operation on
natural gas. One fixed, high-energy spark ignitor is used
to achieve simple and reliable ignition.
GE5-1 Gas Turbine
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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