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Ge10 - GE Gas Turbine Manual

General electric gas turbine
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GE10 Gas Turbines
The GE10 is a 12 MW range heavy-duty gas turbine available in both single shaft and two shaft
versions. It is the evolution of the field-proven PGT10A and incorporates the latest in
aerodynamic design in a compact and versatile package arrangement. The design of the GE10
has been highly refined based on the extensive experience gained operating in all types of
environments. There are over one hundred units running under conditions ranging from the cold
of Alaska and Siberia to the heat of the desert and the humidity of the tropics.
Its efficiency and operational flexibility make the GE10 a cost-effective choice for all applications.
The gas generator consists of an 11 stage, high efficiency, axial-flow compressor and a single
combustion chamber capable of burning a great variety of fuels. Maximum commonality has been
maintained between the single and twin shaft models. Both units use the same gas generator. The
two shaft engine is obtained by simply removing the third stage turbine from the single shaft unit
and adding a two-stage low pressure power turbine. This feature is particularly beneficial in
reducing operating and maintenance costs in installations where mixed operation is required.
GE10-1 Gas Turbine
The compressor is a high performance eleven stage
axial flow design with a 15.5:1 pressure ratio
operating under transonic flow conditions, derived
from GE Aircraft Engine aero-derivative technology.
The first three rows of stator blades are variable to
optimize cycle efficiency over a wide range of loads.
The gas generator is joined to the base plate at the
load flange location. This configuration avoids load
flange movement during all operating conditions
(start-up, warm-up, full speed/full load) and during
thermal transients.
The power turbine is available in two configurations: a
single shaft version primarily for power generation; and
a two shaft version for mechanical drive applications.
Generator Drive — Single Shaft Version.
The GE10-1 is a single shaft heavy duty gas turbine
designed primarili for generator drive applications.
The turbine section is composed of three reaction
stages. The first two stages use the proven design of
the previous PGT10 HP turbine model with cooling
provided by air bled from the axial compressor.
The second and third stages have interlocked shrouds to
limit tip leakage and blade vibration. At partial load, inlet
variable guide vanes permit optimization of performance
with no appreciable change from simple cycle full load
The GE10 is a compact turbogenerator optimized for
simple cycle, combined cycle and cogeneration plants
(e.g., power shaft on cold side; axial discharge of hot
gases) and suitable for utilization even where space is
GE Energy Gas Turbines

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